10 ways to enjoy harmless Valentine’s Day

Whether you are spending February 14 with your spouse, friends or family, there are a lot of amazing things you can do on Valentine’s Day that can take the holiday from good to great. Luckily, we have ideas for every budget and every kind of Valentine.

Here are ten ways to enjoy harmless Valentine Day:

1 Take a tropical trip

Take that trip you’ve been putting off for the last few years because you “didn’t have enough time.” Even if it’s only for a weekend, a sweet escape to somewhere warm is the perfect mid-winter pick-me-up.

2 Time together, with slow dance to your favorite song

Cue up the song that you danced to at your wedding or a ballad that you both absolutely love and let the music move you.

3 Dinner with friends

You can always plan a romantic dinner for two, or you can get your friends in on the fun and host a group dinner. Make it a potluck to cut prep work in half and have everyone bring a dish they absolutely love.

4 Take a photoshoot

Have you recently gotten engaged and have been meaning to take some engagement photos? Perhaps it’s been a while since the entire family took a group shot together? Dedicate time on Valentine’s Day to create photo memories and check something off your “To-Do” list with a photoshoot by a professional photographer.

5 Subscribe for a Cocktail with a long conversation

Use the chance to converse romantically with your sweet cocktail

6 Take a bike ride

If the weather is nice enough, take advantage of the fresh air and gorgeous scenery as you bike alongside your significant other.

7 Play lovey

Take off from work and spend the day sleeping in, cooking breakfast together and doing pretty much whatever you want together

8 Recreate moment, your favorite date

Take a trip down memory lane by recreating your favorite date, whether that’s the first time you went out together or the one where you really fell for each other. If you can’t go to the same restaurant or location, get creative by cooking up the same meal at home.

9 Stay together at home and plan a movie marathon

For some quality relaxation time with your love, get cozy on the couch and marathon watch all your favorite rom-coms. It’s the perfect way to set the mood for some Valentine’s night romance.

10 Play at an Arcade

Take your inner child out to play with a night full of street-racing games and Skee-ball at your local arcade. Win your significant other’s heart the old-fashioned way by earning them a cute and kitschy prize as a Valentine’s keepsake.