Russia, China, Iran and Washington’s delusions

At the weekend, the US House of Representatives or Congress passed the over-hyped $95 billion package that would provide foreign aids for Ukraine, Israel and the Indo-Pacific region.

Shortly after the passage, the US Defense Secretary, Mr. Lloyd Austin, enthused that “this bipartisan legislation will allow the department to surge live saving security assistance to help Ukraine defend itself from Russia’s aggression, support Israel defense from Iran and its proxies and increase the flow of urgently needed humanitarian aid to suffering Palestinian civilians in Gaza”.

The unabashed statement negates the facts on ground.

The United States is complicit with the racist regime in Israel in the cold blooded murder and destruction of Palestinians and the talk of “urgently needed humanitarian aid to suffering Palestinian civilians in Gaza” is as insensitive as it upends universal common sense and ethics.

Speaking about Israel defending herself from Hamas will be remembered for generations as nothing but a façade, under which a nuclear armed state (Israel) and its principal patron (the US) and other satellite ones (UK, EU) unleashed  genocide and supervised the most gruesome humanitarian disaster in history. The foreign aid legislation which has been previously passed by the US Senate and held up in the Congress for the past two months has been overly taunted as the one which will change the world and remake or remould it in the image of the US as a world federation of vassals taking order from Washington. That is exactly where the Washington’s delusions begin. Of the $95 billion package, $61 billion would go to funding Ukraine, even as more than $20 billion would be retained in the US to replenish the stock of her armoury that has been depleted to aid Ukraine’s military requirements.

The reality however is that Ukraine war which is barely a disguised western boots on the ground in the US/EU confrontation with Russia. The pathetic sights of widespread hunt and capture of the mostly young, infirmed and even the elderly males in Ukraine to continue the NATO military confrontation with Russia is not a sustainable strategy that has any prospect of military victory.

The big question is: what would $61 billion achieve that over $300 billion combined in Western military and financial aid to Ukraine since 2022 could not achieve.

According to the Germany-based Kiel Institute for the World Economy, the US had previously provided $75 billion to Ukraine. The United Kingdom has pledged nearly £12 billion. European Union has reportedly committed about $93 billion to aid Ukraine.  

At the start of the over hyped Ukraine’s counter offensive last June with assorted Western military hardware featuring the America’s Bradley, German’s leopard and British Challenger tanks, the counter offensive, billed as a game changer and prelude to the western delusion of “strategic defeat of Russia” ended as a mere whimper with Russia not only “burning out” the Western hardware but making strategic gains in key battles especially in the “meat grinder” of Bakhmut which is now Artemousk and Avdiivka.

Against the background of the spectacular failure ofUkraine’s counter offensive, actually planned in NATO capitals and shoved down the throat of Ukraine’s puppet regime and the serial battle field setbacks, the West and Kiev regime have managed to muster only few attacks targeted at civilians culminating in the heinous and terrorist attack in Moscow that killed more than 140 ordinary Russian Concert goers.

With over a $200 billion pumped to Ukraine in the past two years making no real impact on the battle field in favour of NATO and its Ukrainian boots on the ground except that regular and ordinary Ukrainians are weary, a $61 billions with over a quarter of it, staying put in the US to “replenish depleted stocks” will change nothing. Moscow has already scoffed at the Ukraine aid package, warning that the U.S would end up facing a loud and humiliating fiasco on a par with Vietnam and Afghanistan where Washington eventually cut and run. 

Sober observers wonder which really game-changing will this new package be, except to prolong the war and its corollary of deaths and human sufferings.

American top officials have boasted of how their money and weapons are weakening their strategic adversary without a single drop of American blood. And the Kiev regime has never hidden the fact that they are fighting Western war. Some have openly said that it is not about the territory of Ukraine but the defence of western values. As it stands, there is no shenanigans in Washington that is not eagerly anticipated in Moscow and the euphoria of the paltry $61 billion dollars’ baid to Ukraine would most likely falter as the previous packages. It is instructive that while American pro-war congress men and women enthusiastically waved Ukraine’s flag on the floor of US congress, no cheer or excitements was noticed in the streets in Ukraine.

Of the $95 billion, $26 billion would go to Israel to further embolden its war of genocide against Palestinians. The Zionist entity  which had its tail tucked between her legs, when the Iranian drones and ballistic missiles came raining down recently showed that the cowardly regime who’s over hyped strength has now come down to merely murdering women, children and the elderly would be energised to continue its war on Gaza.

The US and Israel have historically avoided open conflict with Iran, choosing cowardly assassinations of Iran’s military leaders and scientists. The Iran drone and missiles attacks on Israel was a symbolic demonstration of Tehran’s reach and a clear and definitive message that any military adventure against the Persian power will exert an unimaginable price.

The $26.1 billion has no practical implication for changing the balance of strength in the region. Washington pliant regimes in the region – Amman (Jordan), Cairo (Egypt), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) – may get sprinkles of the largesse for looking the other way as Palestine and Palestinians burn, but no strategic shift will happen in the region to put Iran at any reasonable strategic disadvantage.

$8.1 billion of the foreign aid which is designated for the Indo-Pacific region is to fund strategic provocation against China, using the China’ss Taiwan domestic question as the basic instrument. In flagrant violation of the letters and spirit of “The Three Joint Communiques” which affirmed that there is One China in the world and Taiwan is an inalienable part of China as the basis of China-U.S bilateral cooperation, Washington has consistently and deliberately prodded a small circle of Taiwan adventurers to advocate Taiwan’s Independence.

While China is resolute that it would not tolerate “Taiwan Independence” the Washington has found in the subject a means of strategic provocation and irritation to Beijing. While the $8.1 billion¿ will do nothing to change the status quo, it makes only for a strategic irritant, with which Washington hopes to Keep Beijing distracted.

Washington and its cronies in Taiwan are never in doubt about Beijing’s resolve to safeguard territorial integrity and sovereignty and therefore are clearly aware of the redlines they cannot cross.

The US $95 billion foreign aid passed in the congress with fanfare and hyped media blitz has the only effect to nourish the Washington delusions that the world would pan out in her imaginations. It is difficult to know how history is taken serious in the inner recess of Washington decision-making or in the turgid European bureaucracy in Brussels but what is obvious is that high flying delusions whether of Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria or the earlier forage into the Indo China to turn them to Washington and European vassals have collapsed like a pack of cards. Even in the West African Sahel region, states – Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, even Guinea and Chad – are upending long established Western political and military stranglehold and realigning themselves to the trend of emerging global multilateral order that makes for diversified partnerships.

The historical trajectories of multilateralism are undoubtedly the trend because it fits the aspirations of the majority of countries and people to build and advance inclusive global order that recognises our common humanity in the context of the diverse histories, experiences, cultures that combine to nourish the human essence.

The contemporary chaos in America’s domestic political life with loud hints of fascists and extremist resurgence demonstrates the huge cost of Washington’s over-stretch…. yet not much of sober introspection can be observed among mainstream American elite. Despite that historical science is not the forte of Washington elite, a fervent and sober reality check can offer a better guide than the gung ho and brash behaviour that inflect the woke trajectories of their delusions.

In a multilateral world order, the preeminence of the US is guaranteed along with other major powers and what is not certain and cannot be guaranteed is Washington’s eternal dominance.

Onunaiju writes from Abuja.