NECA calls for social dialogue over industrial harmony

The Nigeria Employers Consultative Association (NECA) has called for continue social dialogue between employers, employees and the government to ensure industrial harmony in the country.

President of NECA, Mr Taiwo Adeniyi who stated this Tuesday at the 2nd Annual national labour Adjudication and Arbitration Forum organized by association in Abuja, said stakeholders must embrace Social Dialogues and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in all disputes.

Speaking on the theme of the occasion which is “Strengthening Tripartism and Social Dialogue (including Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms) for a Sustainable Industrial Relations System in Nigeria”, Mr Adeniyi said it could not have come at a better time as the country has witnessed several Labour upheavals in recent times

“We must, therefore, remind ourselves to embrace Social Dialogues and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms (mediation, adjudication, or arbitration) that have been established by both Local and International Labour institutions.

“These mechanisms are based on the principles of impartiality, transparency, and adherence to legal frameworks which are upheld by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and our Labour Laws.

“ we recommend that employers and employees along with Government consistently engage in social dialogue to improve Industrial harmony in the country

Thus, we believe that this Forum will provide a conducive environment for meaningful discussions by our experts from the academia, public and private sectors to share their perspectives on the importance of dispute resolution mechanisms that uphold the rights and welfare of workers while supporting sustainable development and growth for businesses.

“As the President of NECA, I assure you of Employers’ unwavering commitment to promoting a peaceful and harmonious industrial relations environment. We firmly believe that maintaining a healthy employer-employee relationship is vital for fostering a thriving economy and creating a stable and prosperous nation”.

The National Labour Adjudication Forum is an interactive forum for Social Partners+ and Stakeholders in the Labour and Industrial Relations eco-system, which serves as a platform for Social Partners and Stakeholders to promote fair and just resolution of labour disputes, foster harmonious employer-employee relations, and uphold our shared commitment to a productive and progressive labour eco-system.