Abig Nwankwo Foundation gives needy gifts, offsets hospital bill

The Abig Nwankwo Foundation has magnanimously reached out to indigent and sick people on the streets of Lagos.

Speaking after the distribution of gift items and paying for medical bills, Chairman of the Foundation, Chimezie Abig Nwankwo said he is a fulfilled man.

“We don’t know the privilege we enjoy until we get to the hospitals to see things for ourselves, and see people lying helpless and lifeless.

“From time to time, we take a routine tour through the Abig Nwankwo Foundation to reach out to the indigents in the streets.

“We cannot rely on the government to do everything, so, whichever small way we can contribute to the growth and welfare of our society, we will always do so,” he said.

Accompanied by the Vice Chairman of the Foundation, Ambassador Lilian Nwankwo, the Chairman said, they were out to put smiles on the faces of people.