Rising cases of human organ failure worries Kalu

Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Benjamin Okezie Kalu has bemoaned the rising cases of organ failure in Nigeria, saying it has not only become a medical concern but also a challenge to the society.

He however said that the parliament will collaborate with the Transplant Association of Nigeria (TAN) and other relevant authorities to ensure that the concerns were addressed.

Kalu gave the assurance while playing host to a delegation of the Transplant Association of Nigeria (TAN) who paid him a courtesy visit in Abuja.

“Organ problems have become increasingly prevalent in our country, affecting numerous lives and families. The challenge of organ failure is not only a medical concern but also a societal one. It is encouraging to note that the Nephrology Association of Nigeria has reported over 700 kidney transplants carried out within our nation so far. This statistic underscores the strides we are making in addressing organ-related issues and gives us hope for the future.

“We stand ready to work in concert with the Transplant Association of Nigeria to further address this critical issue. The National Assembly recognizes the importance of collaboration and partnership in addressing healthcare challenges. We are committed to creating an enabling environment through policies, legislation, and funding to ensure that the necessary infrastructure and resources are available for successful organ transplantation programs.

“Collaboration is key, and we assure you that we are eager to join forces with your association to tackle the complexities surrounding organ transplantation in Nigeria. By combining our efforts, expertise, and resources, we can make significant strides toward improving healthcare outcomes and enhancing the quality of life for our fellow citizens”, Kalu said.

Earlier, Dr. Olalekan Olatise who is leader of the group lamented the superstitions, myth and other belief systems such as reincarnation that had inhibited the donation of organs, suggesting that a legal framework be put in place to make it compulsory

He said the country was losing about 1.2 billion dollars annually to medical tourism abroad, as he also invited the deputy speaker to their forthcoming biannual conference where he said Nigerians were expected to canvass for more solutions to the problem.

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