Premier League strikes fresh TV rights deal

In a landmark move, the Premier League has inked a staggering £6.7bn domestic television contract with Sky and TNT, setting a new benchmark in UK sports broadcasting. This deal, commencing from the 2025-26 season, represents a significant leap from the previous £5bn agreement and stands as the most colossal sports media rights agreement ever sealed in the UK.

Under this new arrangement, Sky, a veteran in the realm of sports broadcasting, secures the lion’s share of the coverage. With four out of five packages, Sky’s commitment encompasses a minimum of 215 live games each season. This includes the coveted Saturday 5.30pm kick-offs, Sunday afternoon matches, plus Monday and Friday evening games, alongside three midweek rounds. In a grand finale to each season, Sky Sports will exclusively air all 10 matches on the concluding day, ensuring a feast of football for fans.

Not to be outdone, TNT carves its niche by bagging the rights to air at least 52 matches annually, including all 12.30pm Saturday kick-offs and two midweek rounds. This move amplifies TNT’s presence in the UK sports broadcasting arena, offering a fresh perspective to viewers.

The BBC sustains its tradition of bringing football to the masses by retaining the rights to air highlights on Match of the Day. This agreement also encompasses MOTD2, Football Focus, and expanded digital rights for the BBC’s online platforms. Barbara Slater, Director of BBC Sport, celebrates this achievement, highlighting Match of the Day’s near six-decade reign as the UK’s football digest of choice.

The Premier League champions this deal as a testament to the league’s robustness and appeal, underlined by a 4% increase in live rights value from the previous contract.

This new agreement ensures financial certainty for clubs and the broader football ecosystem until at least 2029.

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters hails this outcome as a reflection of the league’s strength, attributing it to the combined efforts of clubs, players, managers, and the unrivalled atmosphere created by fans in stadiums across the country.


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