Attacks on Matawalle sponsored, we will resist them – Arewa youth groups

The Leadership of Arewa Youth Assembly For Good Leadership (AYAGL) and Arewa Youth Assembly (AYA) have noted with dismay the myriads of sponsored protests against the performing minister of state, Defence, Dr. Bello Matawalle.

A statement issued and signed by Amb. Abdul Danbature, Speaker (AYAGL) and Mohammed Salihu, Speaker (AYA) said they have come to the realisation that the sponsors of these uncalled for and unwarranted protests do not mean well for Zamfara State and by extension, Northern Nigeria.

“We have also come to the realisation that the traducers of the Minister are those jealous of his exemplary performance in Office and his track record when he held sway as Governor of Zamfara State.

“The Leadership of Arewa Youth Assembly will henceforth engage any person or group paid to malign or assassinate the character of Dr. Bello Matawalle.

“He is far from the negative reports he has been subjected to and unfortunately, most of the groups paid to do these hatched jobs don’t know what Dr. Bello Matawalle represents. Dr. Matawalle is an integrity personified leader, selfless to a fault, humble to the core and audaciously committed to the progress and development of Northern Nigeria.

“His passion for the liberation of Northern Nigeria has earned him the anger and wrath of some high profile individuals who are determined to stop at nothing to bring him down politically. But our consolation lies in the fact that they are already failing in their bid to project him in bad light before the well meaning people of Zamfara State and the president in particular.

“The Leadership of Arewa Youth Assembly want to use this medium to amplify our readiness and determination to support Dr. Bello Matawalle in his bid to provide purposeful Leadership as Minister of State, Defence. Those paid and mobilized to champion his dismissal from Federal Executive Council as Minister are only wasting their precious time because the man is doing the uncommon in his capacity as Minister in the cabinet of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“We also want to use this medium to let our uninformed fellow youth knows the remarkable contribution Dr. Bello Matawalle is making in his capacity as Minister of State, Defence. The recent promotion exercise in the Nigerian Navy is a classical example of Dr. Bello Matawalle readiness to serve this country with utmost sense of patriotism and nationalism. The fairness with which the promotion exercise was conducted has endeared him to all in the Nigerian Navy.

“We must also point it out that those protesting for the removal of Dr. Bello Matawalle are not sincere in their demand. Dr. Matawalle is only a State Minister of Defence. If the sponsored protesters are sincere and serious, they should direct their energy on the senior Minister of Defence. Although, we understand Dr. Bello Matawalle outstanding performance has become a nightmare for his detractors.

“Let also State emphatically that the Leadership of Arewa Youth Assembly is 100 Percent behind Dr. Bello Matawalle because from our objective evaluation, he is doing a good job in the cabinet of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. As Youth leaders, we will lend him all the support he required to succeed in the task assigned to him by Mr. President. Dr. Bello Matawalle represents the virtue of Late Sardauna and he must be encouraged to continue.

“The Leadership of Arewa Youth Assembly wish to use this medium to pass a vote of Confidence on Dr. Bello Matawalle, The Hon. Minister of state, Defence. Those against him from our findings are totally anti progress, anti performance and anti North. Having discovered their evil plans and plots against Dr. Bello Matawalle, we are now firmly ready to give them their chase for their money.

“Our interest henceforth is good governance and purposeful Leadership, a virtue Dr. Bello Matawalle represents. No Youth of Northern Extraction should allow himself to be used against this selfless public servant. Matawalle Love for progress and development of Zamfara State and Northern Nigeria has no bound, therefore, all hands must be on deck to support him and to encourage him. He is indeed a good Ambassador of Late Sardauna,” the groups said.