Popular cleric makes clarion call for Nigeria’s redemption as RHOGIC turns 7 

RHOGIC founder Apostle GoodHeart Ekwueme

A leading voice in the global God’s Kingdom mandate and founder Revival House of Glory International Church (RHOGIC), Apostle GoodHeart Ekwueme, has called on Nigerian leaders at all levels of government to shun wasteful spending and corrupt tendencies in a bid to salvage the country’s deteriorating security and economy.

Apostle GoodHeart who spoke while addressing a World Press Conference ahead of the Seventh Anniversary of RHOGIC slated between February 21 and 25, 2024 at the weekend in Abuja posited that no nation continues in the unwanted pattern of carrying on with its development and succeeds without seeking the face of God, anchored on deep knowledge of how to apply his divine ways.

While decrying recent kidnappings, killings and others bedeveling the country, the Apostolic lead of RHOGIC said, “The lack of an experiential knowledge of God is reflected in the dimension of kidnapping of children and monarchs alike as recently as the last few days. We are currently living in a time in Nigeria when there is no regard for life, whether it be of babes or kings.

“Pastor Bimbo Ekwueme

This is the oxymoron of our existence now and the present backdrop against which Horn of Revival Ministry and Revival House of Glory come into our 7th year – a time of release. I take this opportunity to sound a warning to the nation – as if we need more signs – but also to declare a season of release for as many as will heed it.

“We have observed with sadness – though not with surprise – how Nigeria continues to slide in key human development indices. I say I am not surprised because we know from this same word of God, that the mind of a man is desperately wicked. It does not matter whether he is in the highest office or in the most lowly position, if he is not revived, he cannot help his fallen nature. I am no doomsday prophet but then, you do not need a prophet to tell that things will get worse for many unless we make an about turn; a definition of insanity accepted the world-over, is doing the same thing repeatedly and hoping for a new outcome. It is true; so by simple logic, it means that we have to change, if our circumstances will change.”

He however, expressed optimism and hope of a better future ahead if the leaders and followers will turn and make amends.

“Our people have a saying that your morning arrives when you wake up. If we decide that we can bear it some more, then the yoke will not depart. Sadly, this truth is not emphasized enough. It is true that God saves and redeems – if it were not so, we would not be here; because we have survived much by His grace. However, a faith that has no responsibility is not of God and often results in mere wishes.

“As Nigerians, we cannot afford to continue wishing something would change while we remain as we always have been. We have to rise up now because divinity is indicting a good matter regarding us BUT the season will not change our harvest, if we do not sow. A farmer who enjoys rains but does nothing in that season, cannot join others to reap the harvest due for that rain – it amounts to wasted resource.

“I call on my fellow Nigerians and all RHOGICians around the world, to roll up their sleeves in this season. It is time to apply ourselves because the rain has come. We will miss the kairos moment, if we stop for analysis – we have analysed enough. It is time to act. As I close, let me define acting for you. Acting starts with our minds. How many times have you arrived at a red light in traffic but have driven past – you justified your action in different ways and it seemed just. Your mind needs to be revived so that your actions can benefit your fellow road users.

“If you do not revive your mind, our collective future will suffer because we are all depending on you! I do not wish to sermonise. If you run a red light in traffic, why do you castigate a man or woman like yourself, who takes government money for their private use? This is the collective plague robbing us of our bright and full potential – it is this thinking that kidnapped those little children and the monarchs. My friends, this is revival and we need it now. Let us each take responsibility for our own way of thinking and our actions,” Apostle GoodHeart who hosts daily popular prayer known as Global Prophetic Prayer Altar (GPPA) on 27 Radio stations across Nigeria and Online platforms said.

Already, the pre-seventh anniversary programme of the church which coincides with its annual Revival Is Here Again (RIHA) International Conference has begun with a prayer and praise feast, tagged “Seven hours before the throne” with gospel singers – Minister Nosa Omoregie and Ebuka Emmanuel Hillary popularly known as Ebuka Songs featuring.

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