Why PDP has already lost Edo state

Let us call a spade a spade and not a garden tool, the Peoples Democratic Party has already lost the Edo state gubernatorial elections even before the actual elections has taken place.

Indeed a house divided against itself cannot stand and that is exactly the state of the Peoples Democratic Party in Edo State today with diverse factions vying for control, power or influence, Comrade Phillip Shuaibu, the former deputy governor impeached and the incumbent governor searching for phantom enemies here and there.

The PDP’s previous electoral victory was as a result of deep divisions then existing in the All Progressive Congress which no longer exists as the party is now clearly focused, reinvigorated and recalibrated under the purposeful leadership of Distinguished Senator Adams Oshiomhole and the vibrant gubernatorial candidacy of Distinguished Senator Monday Okpebholo, the famed Akpolomiza of Esanland! Senator Monday Okpebholo is a highly reputed corporate titan who has made his mark in the telecommunications, high-tech, global internet services arena notably with his lnterweb Communications lnc multi-enterprise dominating the tech sector in the sub- regional and global spheres . The dynamic, proficient, cerebral, resolute and forward-looking corporate leadership desiderata which the erudite Senator Okpebholo brought to fruition in steering Interweb lnc to greater heights is acutely needed in running the affairs of Edo State which stands at a decisive crossroads. Without a shadow of doubt, the Heartbeat of the Nation possesses an abundance of human, material and natural resources and has unarguably been the engine room of the nation even since pre-independence days.

However due to erratic, visionless, self-serving and corrupt leadership, Edo State has not been able to fulfill it’s glorious destiny as divinely mandated from the most high. However there is a shining light at the end of the tunnel with the auspicious emergence of Senator Monday Okpebholo as the APC candidate and governor-presumptive come September 2024 who is ready, willing, able and capable to serve and lead our dear state to glorious heights. He has a solid, holistic and realistic blueprint for the complete infrastructural and developmental transformation, reformation and revitalisation of Edo State in the educational, health, manpower development, power, transportation, housing, pipeborne water, agriculture, youth and women empowerment, manufacturing, industrial and road/ physical infrastructure spheres.

The highly creative, innovative and prolific Akpolomiza has done it before and is battle ready to do it again to the greater glory of God and our beloved Edo State. Forward Ever, Backward Never!

Comrade Efosa Idehen A , a political activists writes from Edo state