How PDP betrayed Philip Shuibu and why he should work for APC in guber polls

Which ever way you choose to look at it, the naked truth is that Comrade Phillip Shuaibu was thoroughly betrayed by the Peoples Democratic Party and the Godwin Obaseki administration in Edo State despite the crucial role he played in the party’s victory in the last guber polls.

The former deputy governor campaigned tirelessly from ward to ward, local government to local government and toured virtually the entire width and breadth of Edo State in order to prevent the Comrade Adams Oshiomhole campaign machine from clinching an APC victory there.

However the PDP led by Godwin Obaseki in Edo State has been severely unfair to the irrepressible Comrade Shuaibu marginalizing him from the governing apparatus in the state and eventually orchestrating his impeachment on faulty grounds. Without ado, Comrade Shuaibu should do the ‘unthinkable’ by working for the collosal defeat of the PDP in the upcoming governorship polls to serve as a lesson for once and future betrayers.
You With PDP leaders and members both within and outside the Obaseki government gloating over his tardy impeachment, the pugilistic Comrade should not take his ‘humiliation’ lying down but should rather fight back until his traducers are decidedly trounced in the political arena. And rather fortuitously this time around, Comrade Phillip Shuaibu will be fighting a good cause in aiding the victory of a charismatic, purposeful, dynamic and forward-looking gubernatorial candidate in the person of Distinguished Senator Monday Okpebholo, the renowned Akpolomiza of Esanland.

The APC governorship candidate is a famed corporate titan who has traversed the length and breadth of the global telecommunications,high-tech, computer software and internet services arena garnering wealth, experience, knowledge and expertise on an industrial scale. Indeed Senator Okpebholo is poised to take Edo State to the Promised Land when elected as Executive Governor of Edo State come September 2024. He has the courage, the resolve, the intellect, the vigour, the foresight and the capacity to take Edo State to greater heights and we urge Comrade Phillip Shuaibu to do the needful by working for his victory in the upcoming elections in order to deal a decisive blow to the visionless, clueless, inept and incompetent administration of Governor Obaseki, the consummate Betrayer-ln-Chief of Edo State!

Solomon Imoisili, a public affairs analyst writes from Benin City, Edo state