Media groups honour bizman Sa’adu Moba for contributions to Islam 

An entrepreneur and managing director of Kagadama Ventures Company Alhaji Sa’adu Moba Jibia has been recognised by two media groups, Hikaya TV and Hausa Daily Post, for his relentless efforts in providing support to Islam in Jibia local government area and Katsina state at large.

Speaking for the two media organizations during the award presentation, Abdulrazak Ahmad Jibia, who is the Editor and Commercial Officer of Hausa Daily Post, explained that the recognition was meant to expose Sa’adu Moba’s great contributions to orphans, rehabilitation of mosques, Islamic schools among other services to the outside world in order to advance the course of Islamic religion.

 The award certificate was presented by Alhaji Zaharaddeen Surajo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Madogara TV and Radio on behalf of Hikaya TV and Hausa Daily Post.

While receiving the award certificate, Sa’adu Moba expressed gratitude to the media groups and pledged to continue with his efforts to serve humanity and project the Islamic religion for the sake of Almighty Allah.

The , which was presented during a prestigious event held on Friday, January 19, 2024, according to the organizers, was aimed at inspiring others to follow Alhaji Moba’s example and make outstanding contributions to the propagation of Islam and humanity.

The occasion was attended by the staffers of Kagadama Ventures Company who were there to celebrate the achievements of Alhaji  Sa’adu Moba.