Ebonyi killing: Group alleges conspiracy

A group known as Ezza Consultative Assembly Tuesday alleged conspiracy in the crisis between Ezza Effium and Effium people in Ohaukwu local government area of Ebonyi state.

The people of Effium and Ezza Effium have been at ‘war’ since January 21st 2021 which has led to loss of many lives with properties worth billions of Naira destroyed.

Last week, eleven persons including pregnant woman, children between ages of 2 and 12, old men and women were killed in Inikiri Umuezeoka by suspected warlords while a health center and 30 houses were burnt.

But the group in a statement signed by Mathias Aligwe, the President General of the community and Bernard Orichi the Secretary, condemned the killings of eleven persons by suspected warlords last week.

“You are all aware that we sent the pictures and video of the attack and the massacre of our innocent and vulnerable children, mothers, pregnant women ,aged men and women on different media platforms and security agents as well.

“To our greatest disappointment, while the Press swung into action, the police were busy trying to paint a picture of the unfortunate incident as if there were either fake or old ones.

“An action that almost discouraged the Journalists from reporting the heinous and gruesome murder of our innocent people at Inikiri Umuezoka of Effium community.

“Sometimes last month April 2024, we raised alarm on the activities of some suspected soldiers who were shooting our people and livestocks, looting our properties, stealing our foods and setting houses ablaze without provocations, neither the military authorities nor the government did anything about it till date.

“Why is it that each time a ceasefire truce is reached in Effium Crisis, Uffiom people will not obey the agreement? Why is it when there is a ceasefire truce, that Uffiom people will start killing our people and government will pretend as if nothing happened? Is it a crime to be law abiding? Should our peaceful dispositions be taken for cowardice?

Just imagine, prior to these killings soldiers who were deployed to Inikiri and Nwenewo were withdrawn and all the Youths and men were pursued out of the villages by the same military and this is the resultant effect of their actions.

“Tell me why we should not suspect conspiracy in the attacks and killings that took place at Inikiri Umuezoka on 1st May 2024?

“Even when the GOC 82 Division Enugu led the military and other security agencies including the police to the scene of the incident to see the decomposing corpses which were directed by the GOC to be buried and the number of houses destroyed including a hospital belonging to an international non Governmental Organization known as Amurt, till date neither the police nor the government has Issued any statement.

“We are therefore by these developments constrained to believe that silence is indeed golden and every bit of it matters a lot at this critical time. Especially now that those who said the pictures were fake or old pictures are keeping mute, why?

“We therefore, call on the Government and Security agencies to exhibit all sense of sincerity and unbiased by ensuring that those behind these killings and destructions of our houses at Inikiri Umuezoka of Effium community, their sponsors and collaborators are arrested and prosecuted accordingly”, the group said.