Governor Fintiri and market development

In systems thinking, infrastructure and social developments don’t occur in isolation; projects and programmes are built using a series of interconnected systems that complement each other’s purposes and functions. This is the approach GovernorAhmdu Fintiri of Adamawa state is applying to his development programmes, projects, and policies. A typical example is the modernisation of the Jimeta Shopping Complex, which aims to connect its purpose and functions with those of the new flyover at the old Mubi Roundabout while also providing a befitting shopping complex at the centre of Jimeta City for economic and aesthetic development as part of the urban renewal programme.

The new flyover at the old Mubi Roundabout will connect travellers to both the economic activities and natural beauty of Jimeta. At one end, it will lead to the Gerio Swamp and the historic Jimeta Bridge over the River Benue, offering a glimpse of the area’s natural charm. At the other end, it will provide access to the Jimeta Modern Shopping Complex and ease traffic within the city—economic and social development knit together. The new Jimeta Shopping Complex will feature a world-class, 24-hour, one-stop shopping mall with high-rise buildings. The redevelopment plan of the complex includes a diverse range of shops, boutiques, arcades, food courts, cinemas, banks, smart parking facilities, Wi-Fi connectivity, interactive displays, and a customer service desk.

Adamawa’s three senatorial zones each boast important urban and rural markets. In the southern zone, spanning from the Ganye grain market to the historic Mayo Belwa market, there are connections to the central zone’s Ngurore cattle market, the Jimeta modern market, the new Jimeta shopping complex, the Jimeta old market, the Yola-town market, and the Hong agriculture market. In the northern zone, notable markets include the Mubi International Cattle Market, Michika Market, and various weekly markets. Plans are underway to transform these markets into modern trading hubs catering to local, national, and international trade. The markets in the northern zone and the Fufore markets serve as crucial centres for traders from Cameroon, Chad, and several Central African countries.

The redevelopment of the Mubi International Market is already underway, with plans to rebuild and remodel the burned Yola Town Market. Additionally, other major markets across Adamawa State are slated for modernization. The markets will undergo systematic redevelopment, following Governor Fintiri’s government’s series-system development process.

Governor Fintiri’s comprehensive plan for market development focuses on revitalising economic activities across the state by introducing modern markets and shopping centers. This initiative aims to create vibrant commercial hubs catering to diverse needs.
Central to the plan is a robust market redevelopment policy, streamlining bureaucratic processes, and attracting local and international investors. Job creation is prioritised, with the goal of stimulating employment opportunities through market revitalization and new commercial spaces. The policy also emphasises sustainability, promoting private sector participation to diversify revenue streams and reduce dependence on the dollar. Overall, Governor Fintiri’s vision for market development encompasses economic transformation, community empowerment, and a prosperous future for the state.

Zayyad I. Muhammad,
Abuja, 08036070980, [email protected]