Suleja Prisons built over 100 years ago with mud – Senate 

The Senate Tuesday through its Committee on Interior,  explained the root cause of the reported jailbreak in Suleja Medium Security Custodial Centre two weeks ago.

Chairman of the committee, Senator Adams Oshiomhole, chairman, who briefed journalists shortly after a closed door session with the Minister of Interior, Hon. Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo said , what happened in Suleja was not actually a jailbreak, but the collapse of the moribund bricks of the prison wall, which was built over 100 years ago with local mud.

Recall that there was a reported case of jailbreak in Suleja, Niger state on 24th April, 2024, during which 119 Inmates escaped from the Correctional Facility.

The Minister of Interior,  Hon. Tunji-Ojo, had, during his visit to the affected facility last two weeks, stated that government was planning to relocate some Correctional Centres to create better space, security and infrastructures.

But the Senate Tuesday said the efforts by the minister and the security agencies had helped in re-arresting some of the fled inmates, saying more would be tracked in the coming days.

“I know exactly that this particular prison was built in 1914. I think that was the year of amalgamation of Southern and Northern Nigeria for about 200 people. And they now have about 419 inmates. And some of these places were built with mud. 

“So, it was not really a jailbreak. You had heavy rainfall, a storm, and then the wall fell, and then the roof, even if you were in your private house and it is raining and you have a storm and your roof is gone and your walls come down,  will you  remain in the place?,” Senator Oshiomhole said.