Former minister warns Akabogu on NSITF appointment

The immediate past Minister of Labour and Employment, Chief Emeka Wogu, has warned the newly appointed Managing Director of Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Dr. Michael Akabogu, that he would step on a very difficult terrain in the course of turning around the fortunes of the fund.

But the former minister said Akabogu has the full knowledge of what took place in the NSITF in the past and knew where the banana peels are, adding that with his integrity, honesty and determination, he would definitely change the way things have been done.

Wogu, who spoke to journalists Monday in Abuja, however, said he can vouch for the integrity, honesty and character of the new NSITF boss, being the man who worked under him to put together all documents that led to the recognition of the agency in the constitution.

He said Akabogu had been around in the ministry for a while and had served in different capacities during which he saw all that transpired at the agency.

The new NSITF boss worked as the technical adviser to Wogu during his tenure as minister.

Wogu said: “He is going to step into areas where the angels trekked, he is going to step into a very difficult terrain but he would succeed. I am very sure of it by the grace of God.

“He knows where the banana peels are, and he is somebody I can vouch for, he has the integrity, honesty and determination to change the way things have been done.”

“Dr. Michael Akabogu is eminently qualified to occupy that position, he has been around in the ministry, served at different capacities and qualified educationally, by experience and everything. I believe he would be able to turn around that parastatals for good because he saw everything right from the time he worked with me. He knew the inherent problems in the NSITF.

“In fact, I got him involved in working on so many documents pertaining to that institution, including getting it (NSITF) into the constitution. It was during my tenure that we got NSITF to be part of the constitution, it was an amendment, one of the successful amendments.

“So, Akabogu was an integral part of it, he has a good knowledge of it and not approximate knowledge, full knowledge of what took place. So, he is in good position to make it work and turn around that agency,” he said

On his character, Wogu added : “Akabogu is quite opinionated and self-confident, he is of great integrity and character.”