AI will enhance human capital, not replace it – Sterling Bank

The Group Chief Human Resources Officer of Sterling Financial Holdings Company, Temi Dalley, has identified artificial intelligence (AI) as a crucial driver in Talent Management and how it is a strategic imperative that transcends traditional HR functions and assumes a central role in driving organisational success.

In her opening address at the just concluded Employee Engagement & Experience (E3) Conference in Lagos, themed ‘The Dynamic Intersection between Technology, Talent, and Transformation; a Journey fueled by Innovation,’ Dalley mentioned that organizations are confronted with the imperative to adapt, evolve, and innovate; and the forces of globalization, digitization, and demographic shifts are reshaping the very fabric of work, presenting both opportunities and challenges on an unprecedented scale.

She stated that at the heart of this transformation lies the fusion of AI and digital transformation—a potent catalyst that promises to revolutionize how we attract, develop, and retain talent. From predictive analytics to personalized learning experiences, from intelligent automation to augmented decision-making, the possibilities are as vast as they are exhilarating.

Yet, through all of this, one thing remains constant: the paramount importance of our PEOPLE. We need not forget the human element that infuses meaning, purpose, and dignity into every interaction and every decision. At the heart of every successful organisation is a diverse group of individuals with their distinct set of skills, passions, and goals. It is our collective responsibility to nurture, empower, and engage this human capital to unlock its full potential and drive organisational success.

Addressing common concerns about AI’s impact on talent acquisition and management, Temi stated that Talent Managers must remember that these are not merely tools or technologies; they are enablers of human progress.