Workers Day: CAN advocates workers’ friendly policies, safety 

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Wednesday, called on the Federal and State governments to implement policies that would protect workers’ rights and improve their working conditions.

CAN in a statement issued by its President, Archbishop Daniel Okoh, in commemoration of this year’s Workers’ Day, also urged employers to prioritise their employees’ well-being and treat them with dignity and respect.

” As Nigeria commemorates Workers’ Day, the national leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) joins millions of workers across the country in celebrating their hard work and dedication to the success of our nation.

“Today, we honour the tireless efforts and sacrifices of our workers, who serve as the backbone of our economy, keeping our industries, healthcare, education, and communities running smoothly.

“While we celebrate, we must also acknowledge the many challenges workers face in Nigeria. Many struggle to make ends meet due to low wages, poor working conditions, and lack of support. They face long working hours, exploitation, and limited access to education and healthcare. We urge the government and employers to put workers’ welfare first and address these issues urgently.

” As a nation, we must recognise the value of hard work and ensure our workers are treated fairly, with justice and respect. We must strive to create a fairer society where every worker is valued and supported. This means access to decent wages, safe working conditions, and comprehensive support.

“We call on the government to implement policies that protect workers’ rights, improve working conditions, and provide a strong safety net for all workers. We urge employers to prioritise their employees’ well-being and treat them with dignity and respect.

“Let us work together to build a Nigeria where every worker is empowered, valued, and treated with the respect they deserve”, the statement stated.