Ukrainian power giant EDS set to boost power supply in Nigeria 

Nigeria’s epileptic electric power supply is set to receive a boost following the entry of a Ukrainian electric power giant, EDS into Nigeria’s power sector.

Director of EDS, Zapyshynyi Olexandr, said the company is already mapping out strategies on how to roll out power into the Nigerian electric power market.

Speaking at a press conference organised in Abuja by the Nigeria-Ukraine Business Council, Monday, Olexandr said EDS has mobilised to generate power in Nigeria using a combination of solar, wind and hydro energies. He said the roll-out of power will begin in the FCT and Lagos before moving to other states.

“We are looking at mini-grids because we realised that that is where the energy problem is in Nigeria. How successful the first project is will determine how much investment we will bring in,” he said.   

According to him, Nigeria should expect more investments from Ukraine as the country moves towards investing in Africa.

Olexandr said the President of Ukraine had given the go ahead for Ukrainian companies to invest in Africa.

In his speech at the press conference, President of the Nigeria-Ukraine Business Council, Mr. Ben Gbade Ojo, said “there are vast opportunities available for the sustainable development and maximal performance of Nigeria’s troubled electric power sector, through a partnership with the good people of the Republic of Ukraine.

“Today, we are pleased to present to Nigerians the EDS, a Ukrainian company that has all it takes to turn around the electric power fortunes of Nigeria and help transform Nigeria into a power-efficient nation. We welcome the EDS to Nigeria and urge all Nigerians to take advantage of their immense capabilities for sustainable power sector efficiency in Nigeria.”

Ojo stated that “despite the ongoing war in eastern Ukraine, the country still has the capability to help Nigeria achieve Nigeria’s national aspirations. Nigeria is presently troubled from many fronts.

“Deepening economic cooperation with Ukraine will help Nigeria to effectively revamp her dwindling economic fortunes and drastically curtail her increasing social and security challenges. The Nigeria-Ukraine Business Council is working very hard to make this happen.”