How creativity, innovation shape the world – Nnaji

As the World Intellectual Property (IP) Day was commemorated all over the globe recently, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, Chief Uche Geoffrey Nnaji,  said that it was a day set aside by the United Nations to celebrate ingenuity, creativity and innovation to fast-track development.

According to the statement signed by the  Assistant Chief Information Officer (NOTAP) Raymond Onyenezi Ogbu, the minister said that inventions and innovations are products of critical research therefore, it was pertinent to celebrate our inventors, innovators artists as well as creator who have contributed significantly to our Country’s socio-economic development.

He stated that Intellectual Property Rights are pivotal in an evolving economy, fostering innovation, driving economic growth and enriching our cultural development. He added that what makes advanced Countries tick was there breakthroughs in inventive and innovative activities, hence for the developing Countries especially Nigeria to be recognized as a major player within the IPR ecosystem, we must build the culture of innovation. 

Chief Nnaji noted that while Intellectual Property Rights incentivizes innovation, overly restrictive policies can stifle creativity and impede progress, therefore it is imperative to foster an environment that promotes both innovation and accessibility to information.

In the same vein, the acting Director-General of NOTAP, Dr. Idoreyin Imiyoho said that Intellectual Property Awareness was crucial to knowledge Transfer and harnessing of Nigerian’s potentials within our knowledge institutions. 

She said this in her paper presentation titled “Intellectual Property Commercialization, knowledge Transfer and Food Security” at the 2024 Commemoration of the World Intellectual Property (IP) Day organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Nigeria at the UN house.

The acting DG said that Intellectual Property means the property of the human intellect. She IP can be any innovation, commercial, artistic, symbol, logo or design used for commercial purposes. According to her, it can also be the creation of the mind, literary and artistic works belonging to a creator and can only be transferred or sold with the permission of the innovator. 

Dr. Imiyoho stated that the establishment of IPTTOs has triggered healthy competitions amongst the knowledge institutions to the point that critical and market-driven research which have led to patents were undertaken.