Anambra detects over 8, 000 tuberculosis cases

The Anambra state Commissioner for Health, Dr. Afam Obidike, on Friday, said the state has detected over 8,000 Tuberculosis (TB), cases for the past one year.

Obidike, who stated in Awka at a press conference to mark the 2023 World Tuberculosis Day, reported that the 8000 cases were currently being treated at the 800 health facilities in the State.

The World Health Organisation disclosed that about half of all people with TB could be found in eight countries, including Nigeria, and that this was why Governor Chukwuma Soludo’s administration focused on ensuring that the programme was given the necessary attention to end the scourge.

“For the past one year, the TB programme has detected more than 8,000 TB cases against the targeted number of more than 13,000 cases in the state. That is about 80 per cent detection. This made the state won several national awards as the best TB programme in the South East in terms of TB cases notification and best Childhood TB notification in Nigeria in 2023.

“These 8,000 cases are currently being treated at the 800 health facilities that offer TB treatment in the state. TB is treatable and curable if detected early. It may lead to death if not detected and treated early and this is why we want to equip our people with the right knowledge to avoid casualties from TB cases.

“Persistent or chronic cough of more than two weeks which may come with blood-containing mucus, fever, drenching night sweats and weight loss are some of the major symptoms of TB. When you notice these symptoms, visit any nearest government hospital for early detection and treatment,” he said.