Unveiling Senator Bomai’s Commitment: A Detailed Response to Misconceptions and Falsehoods

I write in response to an opinion published in Blueprint.ng and Daily Trust of Sunday, February 18th, 2024, to address the deliberate pack of lies and misconception of a paid neophyte writer whose sole purpose is to continually divert attention from the commendable efforts of our highly esteemed Senator Ibrahim Mohammed Bomai, who has consistently shown through both his words and actions a deep commitment as a dedicated representative, prioritizing the well-being of all the people in the Yobe South senatorial district.

Contrary to the claims of neglect to empower the youths, Senator Bomai has implemented various empowerment programs, including Personal, Economic, Political, and Educational Empowerment, aimed at empowering the youths in his constituency. He distributed tricycles, motorcycles, carpentry equipment, welding equipment, refrigerators, sewing machines, knitting machines, agricultural equipment, ICT equipment, vehicles, and more to identified youths. Additionally, he renovated the Potiskum Skills Acquisition Center, recognizing the importance of skills acquisition as panacea to self-reliance among unemployed youths. Furthermore, Senator Bomai facilitated capacity building and empowerment programs for youths through organizations like the NCC, NEDC, and other initiatives. He sponsored women and youths to access credit facilities worth millions of Naira and facilitated cash grants to support SMEs. Many youths were also enrolled into programs such as the Npower scheme and graduate attachment programs. Moreover, Senator Bomai nominated youths who benefited from Covid-19 rapid response interventions, conditional cash transfers, and other support programs. Additionally, Senator Bomai personally constructed the largest Orphanage Home in Yobe State, located in Potiskum, with state-of-the-art facilities including auditoriums, hostels, and an ICT center. It is therefore undeniable that the developmental initiatives of the distinguished Senator has surpassed youths empowerment and the cumulative achievements of all other representatives from the zone throughout their entire tenure, a fact acknowledged by all sincere individuals .

It is important for those uninformed constituents to recognize that senators can nominate projects worth up to 250 million under the zonal intervention projects, with an additional capital allocation of 200 million per annum. Senator Bomai’s commitment to the welfare of Yobe South goes beyond these allocations, evident by the numerous projects he executed like the road construction, construction of healthcare facilities, provision of ICT centers in schools, water supply projects, solar street light installations and many more surpassing his annual total allocation because of his ability to attract interventions from various MDAs.

To gain a comprehensive understanding, the disgruntled writer should compare Senator Bomai’s achievements with past performances of senators from Yobe South, as by so doing he will understand the level of his performances. It is essential to consider the distinguished senator’s contributions against the backdrop of others who have spent decades in the National Assembly. The writer’s oversight highlights the need for accurate comparisons and a deeper understanding of media reporting.

Mohammed Garba
Fika, Yobe State