Coexistence: Speaker harps on review of primary, secondary schools curricula

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon Abass Tajudeen, has harped on the need to review primary and secondary school curricula to ensure that young Nigerians know the various cultures and religions that constitute Nigeria.

The Speaker who was represented by the Deputy Speaker, Hon Benjamin Okezie Kalu, at the National Integration conference organised by the Kukah centre on Friday in Abuja, said Nigerian can foster understanding and tolerance from a young age.

According to him, such educational policies prepare our children for the complexities of a diverse world and instil in them the values of coexistence and respect.

He said our educational reform must also address the socialisation processes that promote primordial chauvinism.

“We can move towards a more cohesive and inclusive society by challenging these
ingrained attitudes and fostering a sense of shared identity based on our
common humanity.

He said families are the foundational units of society where values of unity and acceptance are first taught and learned.

Also, the founder of the Kukah centre, Rev Mattew Kukah said the most important thing about our conversation is that we need a society in which ordinary citizens can feel a sense of belonging.

He said Nigerians needs to nurture their dreams, and people feel excluded and the challenge of this conversation is to come back to the table.

In his words “What we are starting today is a journey that will take us a few more years, because we intend to develop a mechanism for helping an ordinary Nigerian.

“So, I encourage Nigerians to express your anxieties and your fears. Don’t assume that because you have elected people you just go to sleep, no,” he said.

Also, the Head of Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) Nigeria Foreign Commonwealth Development Office, Annup Vyas said the protection of rights and the rule of law are unique to each country.

He commended the Kukah centre for the inclusive and progressive dialogue adding that the UK is pleased to be supporting efforts today to build a stronger, more resilient Nigeria that offers a vision of progress and hope for all on the continent and beyond.