The scuttled quest for Igbo presidency

The quest for Igbo presidency is a legitimate demand. Suffice it to say that other regions are morally bound to oblige Ndi Igbo this exalted position. In view of this, some regional establishments have queued behind the idea. However, notable Igbo political leaders will stop at nothing to undermine it. A good number of them do not even believe in it. Most Igbo politicians who are sustained by other regional perks, interests and political investments will ensure it never sees the light of the day. They are content with playing second fiddle. For them, it is better to protect their family political patronages and friendships across the Niger than supporting Igbo presidency.

In fact, it is politically trite to conclude that Igbo people do not seem to have a direction and purpose. They do not even slightly know what they want. In politics, nothing good comes out of a cacophonous posturing. This is what Igbo people especially their selfish leaders are known for. The quest for Igbo presidency may no longer be tenable in 2023. The good intentions of those who worked hard for the presidential slot to be ceded to the South-east in the interest of equity, justice and fairness is already dead. The political Judases in the region and the enormity of damage they have done to that quest is unimaginable. They gladly scuttle the regional course for their selfish political gains.

Every region has political spoilers and rabble rousers. The selfish wannabes who are only after the crumbs from their master’s table. But those from the South-east are the worst set of contemporary Pharasees. What does it profit Igbo political leaders after betraying their region but their political proteges still woefully failed to win the primary elections?

Recent political events have evidently shown that Igbo people like women do not know what they want. Like crabs in a glass tumbler, the pull him down syndrome and lack of purpose among politicians from South-east is embarrassing. Who could believe that those shouting marginalisation are the same crop of people who sabotaged the emergency of an Igbo president in the just concluded Peoples Democratic Party and the All Progressives Congress conventions? The same man who cried out to the public for justice personally scuttled it.

Other regions are glad Ndi Igbo have deliberately pulled down their own house with their hands. Those who sold the interest of Ndi Igbo for their personal political aggrandisement should know that the day of reckoning is here. In fact, they have received a dose of their recompense with the combined failed outing of their political alignments.

Those you supported their candidature to the detriment of the overriding interest of your people are not fools. They knew how unreliable you can be. You have lost your sense of dignity and decency. Do you think they will ever trust you too?

The voting pattern of South-east delegates to both the APC and PDP conventions showed that there is something evidently wrong with an Igbo man. Below is a viral account on the social media of how the South-eastern delegates chose other candidates above their kins. “Ebonyi state had 39 delegates in the APC presidential primary election that just ended. Out of that figure, Governor David Umahi got 38 votes; Ogbonnaya Onu got one vote making it 39. Imo had 52 delegates. Rochas Okorocha got zero. Emeka Nwajiuba got only one vote. Where did Imo votes go? They simply voted for Tinubu of the Yoruba extraction.

Anambra state had about 100 delegates, Ikeobasi Mokelu from Anambra got zero vote. Where did Anambra votes go? Simply they went to Tinubu and Amaechi. They didn’t vote for a Southeastern aspirant. Abia had about 100 delegates. They didn’t vote for a Southeastern aspirant. They voted for Senate President Ahmed Lawan of the North-east. Enugu had about 50 delegates. They didn’t vote for a Southeastern aspirant. They possibly shared their votes to Tinubu and Rotimi Amaechi. Only Ebonyi state delegates delivered a Southeasterner – Sen. Anyim Pius Anyim 100 percent. Anambra, Enugu, Abia and Imo states sold theirs.”

With this; one begins to wonder how dumb a group could be when money is involved. I am compelled to align with my Hausa friends who derisively say that; “if an Igbo man is said to have died and you shake some coins close to his ears still he did not wake up; the man is dead indeed.” This shows the condescending level money and immediate gains could influence an average Igbo man.

Peter Obi is the only ray of hope for an Igbo presidency. He exemplifies the kind of leadership the nation deserves at the moment. His antecedents bear testimonies for him. Among his contemporaries; no corrupt charge was preferred against him by any anti-graft agency in Nigeria. The problem with Nigeria is known to him and he has the remedy at the tip of his fingers. His goals are on the table. The task is how to pull the rug off the feet of the old fraudulent political establishments. It can still be done!

However, the emergency of Jude Ezenwaofor and the other nonentity from nowhere posturing as the factional presidential flag bearers of the Labour Party underscores the political folly of an average Igbo man. Somebody must assume a willing pawn in the hands of politicians. The bird dancing along the road has a drummer hiding inside the bush. He contested for member House of Representatives Idemili North/South under the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) and failed. Now, somebody who could not win House of Representatives ticket has grown in popularity and turned a “presidential candidate” of another party overnight. This is laughable! The enemies within are far more lethal. The fact that those fighting Obi are from his state shows how unreasonable people could be. How does one describe the Igbo delegates? In the final analysis, the entire Igbo nation is the ultimate loser including the lizards who spoilt their mother’s funeral.

Eze writes from Kaduna via [email protected]; 08060901201.

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