NGOs host marathon to boost children’s access to education

Two non-governmental organisations (NGOs) Flexisaf Foundation and Ilmi Children’s Fund (ICF) are into a collaboration to host education marathon to advocate for access to quality education for children.

The Executive Director of Flexisaf Foundation, Amina Abubakar said that the event like many before it was done by the foundation was a sep in the right direction in its mission .

According to Abubakar, the foundation’s mission is to see that every child gets the unhindered access to quality education .

“It is to also to conscientise policy makers to implement the various regulations and white papers that prioritises access to basic information and improved teachers’ welfare .

“The event which a major landmark in both organisation’s continued quest to ensure that the rate of out of school children in Nigeria drops to the minimum.

“It is also conceived to primarily breed socially responsible youngsters through healthy networks as children participating from both public and private schools take part in an array of games,” he said.

Also, the Executive Director of Ilmi Children’s Fund (ICF) Mrs Mariam Augie-Abdulmumin said that education marathon 1.0 became imperative because ICF would not in supporting the Sustanaible Development Goals.

Abdulmumin said that the aim of the programme was to see how the gap between the public and private schools could be bridged to give them equal opportunities.

“ICF in its customary manner will not relent in supporting the SDGs as it relates to banishing illiteracy and ensuring that vulnerable children in our country get access to education.

“This event is one of many to come because citizens must rise to ensure that we breed socially responsible adults and talented children in our clime.”

Mrs Maryam Uwais, Special Advisor to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Investments commended the foundation’s for the initiative.

Uwais said that it was a good thing to have used sports to bond the children while also building their skills .

“Sports is a good way of building skills and values in children and I am glad this is happening today ,”she said.

Also, Resident Representative, United Nations Population Fund (UNPF)

Ms Ula Mula said that the event was all about a Childs’ right to education.

Mula said that children’s access to education was something that the united nations in Nigeria paid keen attention to.

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