Strike: Focus on improving conditions of workers, masses

The Committee for Patriotic Democrats (CPD) has urged Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to regain the trust of workers and Nigerians.

The Chairman Committee for Patriotic Democrats (CPD), Musa Hayatu Habu, in a press statement said the new leadership should be focused on aligning with the core objectives of the NLC, centered on improving the conditions of workers and the masses.

The group is reacting to the nationwide protest in Nigeria organized by the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) under the leadership of Joe Ajaero.

According to the CPD, it is evident that the protest was neither successful nor impactful due to a myriad of reasons, primarily stemming from the leadership style of Joe Ajaero and the lack of support and participation from key stakeholders and the general public.

“One of the key reasons why the NLC protest failed to make a significant impact is the leadership style Since the ascension of of Joe Ajaero to the leadership position, the NLC has been perceived as a personal empire rather than an organization addressing the broader collective concerns of the working class and the millions of citizens across Nigeria.

” Ajaero’s contentious leadership style has eroded confidence in the NLC and has led to dwindling support for the organization.

“Furthermore, the exclusion of key stakeholders such as students’ groups and civil society organizations (CSOs) from the protest has raised questions about the true intentions of the NLC leadership.

” The decision to sideline and neglect these important groups, who have traditionally supported the NLC, has further alienated the general public and eroded trust in the organization.

“The limited turnout at the protest, especially in cities like Kano, reflects the diminishing enthusiasm and support for Ajaero’s leadership.

“The lack of widespread participation indicates a lack of confidence in the NLC’s ability to effectively represent the interests of workers and the broader population.

“The NLC’s involvement in partisan politics, particularly its support for a specific candidate like Peter Obi, has further undermined its credibility and integrity.

“By aligning with a particular politician, the NLC has compromised its core mission of representing workers impartially and has alienated segments of its membership whose ideologies differ from the favored politician.

“In light of these challenges, it is imperative for the NLC to undergo a leadership change to restore faith in the organization and realign with its core objectives of improving the conditions of workers and the masses.

“The new leadership must prioritize transparency, inclusivity, and independence from external influences to regain trust and credibility among workers, employers, and the general public,” he said.