In defence of Senator Rufai Hanga’s imprints

History is full of testimonies, promises and antecedents that many important people across the world have been remembered for various reasons, and for becoming outstanding in human affairs, some for their simplicity, others for their generousity, many more for their compassion and still others for commendable act.

It is in this light that I bring you the senator, representing Kano Central Senatorial District of Kano state in the red chamber of the National Assembly, Distinguished Senator Rufai Sani Hanga. Hanga is always willing to serve, rather than to be served. I mean, to serve humanity despite the fact that the path is thorny, slippery, narrow, dusty, but easy, having in mind people like Hanga.

Senator Rufa’i Hanga was born on August 18, 1954, at Hanga Quarters of Kano Municipal local government. A graduate of accountancy with over 30 years experience in public service. Senator Rufa’i Hanga started his political journey in 1979. He was an active member of the People’s Redemption Party (PRP) under late Mallam Aminu Kano. From then till now he is always on the progressive side of politics. Senator Rufa’i Hanga was a member, House of Representatives in 1992. He was elected as senator, representing Kano central from 2003 to 2007. During his time as a law maker in both chambers of the National Assembly, he chaired several Senate and House committees.

Hanga, who doubles as the senate deputy minority whip, is one of the few legislators who stood firm to ensure that they are not consumed by the position they occupy, or the power they wield, the opportunity they have, the excuses they could make, their financial status, and the institutions they may have as defenders. Many others in his shoes, got intoxicated by the enormous paraphernalia of office and ultimately got swallowed shrewdly by their positions thereby, forgetting their roles as servants and representatives of the people who faithfully elected them.

Senator Rufai Hanga was in the news recently for donating 5,000 pieces of white fabrics, clay pots and vehicles for conveying dead bodies to burial grounds. The senator, whose district comprises 15 local government areas, is an accountant who has been representing Kano central since 2023, on the platform of the New Nigeria People’s Party, NNPP. He was earlier at the senate from 2003-2007 with impressive legislative strides during his first stint at the National Assembly.

However, due to the gravity of the lies contained in some sponsored media propaganda by cynics, it is pertinent to respond in order to correct them so as not to mislead the public by the agents of the falsehood. It is therefore commendable trailing the kind gesture of Senator Hanga on the conventional and social media platforms and discussions forums.

The current desperate attempt to drag the good name of Senator Dr Rufai Hanga is aimed at diminishing his towering political profile. For most of the last few days, Senator Hanga has been the subject of a vicious media attack. This multi-dimensional campaign has one central objective: to destroy the reputation, public standing and political career of the Kano’s central’s influential man. Fortunately, the enemies of his towering political profile can never bring him down through false accusations, sponsored lies, reeked with falsehood, ignorance, and reckless, dumb and illogical analysis.

In 2023 when the Nigerian Senate searched for the best man to take the deputy minority whip position, one name always rang the bell for this strategic legislative task. It was Senator Rufai Sani Hanga, a ranking senator. He is a delightful humanist, seasoned administrator, eloquent orator, pragmatic strategist, phenomenal legislator and parliamentary manager, whose entire life is propelled by progressive ideas.

The deputy minority whip of the 10th Senate is truly a representative of the people, considering the quantum of work he has been doing for the overall benefit of his constituents despite having some challenges that limit his output. In fact, it is worth elucidating that the Kano central senator has been positively impacting the lives of his people since his resumption of legislative duties 20 years after his first shot.

Among his constituency interventions are payment of N45m registration fees for over 200 Kano central indigenous students in Bayero University Kano, scholarship for over 200 students to study at Kano state polytechnic, empowerment of 1,116 women across the 15 local government areas of Kano central with a startup capital of N50,000 each, distribution of free JAMB scratch cards to 1,135 students in Kano central, distribution of 10,000 books and other learning materials to primary school pupils of Kano central.

Others are free medical outreaches across the 15 LGAs and 172 wards of Kano central, repaired many boreholes to end water scarcity in Kano central, construction of Islamiyya school at Gobirawa ward, Dala LGA, donated land to Mai Kalwa community of Kumbotso LG to expand their mosque, distributed millet, maize, rice and other food items to the people of Kano central and secured permanent and pensionable federal government employment for the people of Kano central in the police, Immigration, NSCDC, CBN, NNPCL, etc.

So far, Hanga has proved to be one of the few federal lawmakers that people are happy with their quality of representation. No matter what anyone would say, the quantum dividends of democracy that this parliamentarian has been delivering to the door steps of his people is unprecedented.

Kankarofi writes from Emir’s Palace Road, Kano, Kano state