North ‘ll be wicked to retain power beyond 2023 – Arewa Youths

Coalition of Northern youths have said that it would be wicked, grossly unfair and malicious for North to retain power beyond 2023, noting that it will do all that is politically required to ensure an emergency of a youthful  South-South candidate for the 2023 presidency.
Speaking under the aegis of Arewa Youths Assembly, they said their decision to shop for a South-South candidate who should be in the age bracket of 40-50 years was borne out of the fact that the Northerners eyeing the seat are well above the age bracket, adding that the region had enjoyed the number one national seat for too long.

Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, the leader of the coalition, Mohammed Salihu Danlami said, “the North have occupied the leadership position of the country since independence, more than any other region it is time for South-South youths to produce the next president in 2023 to complete their eight years of leadership. 
“Whosoever want to emerge must have a global inter-disciplinary perspective, must engage in long term empirical planning, have a strong communication skills, must be able to prioritise social justice and well-being over financial growth.

“We seeks to redefine the role and leadership development process of the country, we are charting a new path to national rebirth to put an end to the issues of recycling old politician for leadership. Nigerian is a nation standing half in the light of progress and promise and half in darkness of injustice. We lived in a period of grave uncertainty. 
“As things now stand, we have no idea where the nation would be heading to if the North retains power in 2023. The greatest challenge facing Nigeria today is that of leadership Nigeria needs a leader that the people can identify with and can inspire them to greater height.

“We are calling for power shift to the clam surface of the burning hydrocarbon the land of the South-South. We need leaders with vision and passion because sound and visionary political leadership is vital for Nigerian peaceful coexistence. 
“Nigeria will be better positioned to achieve our collective ideal for peace and stability, development and progress when we have a youthful leader who is committed in prioritising the interest of the people and doing everything in his power to achieve these said goals while they have the mandate of leadership.

“With this timely intervention ahead of 2023 we are championing the course of a vibrant youth who is detribalised, a youth who have vision enough to foresee the needs of the people and must be compassionate enough to match these needs with actions.
“For Nigeria to progress no time for experimentation, sentiments, tribalism or mediocrity, so, such a man must be strong enough, articulate and incorruptible, he must have a good sense of judgment, unquestionable integrity, be full of honour and moral courage. 

“A leader who is mentally alert, knowledgeable, exposed, a brilliant bridge builder who is cosmopolitan, energetic, eloquent, competent and having a wealth of knowledge of the dimension of national politics as to place the nation and its people in a mainstream politics of leadership development and social advancement.”