Nigerian Archery: Player moves to take over as President, change face of sport 

Top Nigerian archer Emmanuel Oyeleke has vowed to change the future of Nigerian Archery if he is voted to lead the Nigerian Archery Federation. 

Speaking while unveiling his manifestos for the forth coming election into the board of the Nigerian Archery  Federation, Oyeleleke said, “I have witnessed  first hand the immense potentials that lies within our community.  However, I have also seen the challenges we face, the missed opportunities  and the untapped  potentials that hinders growth. Therefore,  it’s time for  for change.”

He further stated, “My goal is to develop Archery at the grassroot, increase participation at all levels, develop world class Archers, earn international recognition and respect for Nigerian Archery, create thriving and inclusive community  where everyone  feels welcome and valued.”

He further assured, “I will work tirelessly,  transparently and collaboratively to achieve our goals. I will listen to the concerns of all Archers and work with each  and everyone  to build a brighter future for Nigerian Archery. I urge you to vote for a better future for Nigerian Archery.”

Apart from representing Nigeria in several archery competitions, Oyeleke is the Founder Of Zen Archery Club.

He plans to further develop the game by creating awareness and opening it up through the schools.

Nigerian archery with Mohammed Abdullahi as President is yet to witness any meaningful growth in the past years.