NERC introduces ‘clapping’ February to regulate DisCos’ charges

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) said it will introduce ‘clapping’’ in February to put a maximum amount Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) can charge customers.

To this end, it vowed that it will ensure that customers pay for only electricity consumed by providing meters for them.

The Chairman of NERC, Professor James Momoh, who addressed a news conference in Abuja on Monday, said NERC would do everything within its power to ensure that distribution companies (DisCos) provide meters through the Meter Assets Programme (MAP).

He said: “Failure to do so, we have a backup plan, which is one of our regulations that will be out in about a month, called “Clapping’’ which is going to put a maximum amount DisCos can charge customers.

“For DisCos, it will be an advantage for them to provide meters as this is an attempt to make sure that the win-win customers are metered.

“We want DisCos to provide them with meters because the minimum we are going to allow them to charge is not going to be to their advantage in the long run’’.