Kudos to Muhammad Sani Idriss

I seldom offer praise, but there are certain individuals who deserve our overwhelming recognition for their contributions to human and capital development within their communities. Please, meet the incredible and down-to-earth individual I have ever encountered: Dr. Muhammad Sani Idriss, Commissioner for Basic and Secondary Education in Yobe state and Director of El-Kanemi College of Islamic Theology, Maiduguri, Borno state.

Dr. Idriss embodies admirable qualities that are too numerous mention. He established a school solely for orphans, providing them with food, clothing, medical care, and, crucially, free education. In today’s world, finding someone of his caliber dedicated to such altruistic endeavours is very, very rare. 

Additionally, Dr. Idriss has sponsored numerous vulnerable children from primary school to university, ensuring they receive quality education that empowers them to become self-reliant and responsible individuals.

When appointed commissioner for Basic and Secondary Education in Yobe state in 2019, he faced daunting tasks. The state’s education sector was riddled with unprecedented challenges: high numbers of out-of-school children and dilapidated school buildings across primary and secondary levels.

Undeterred, the dynamic Idriss spearheaded various programmes, including teachers’ training, school supervision, and building renovations. His leadership led to the introduction of three mega secondary schools in the state’s three zones, while recognising the specific needs of girls’ education, he championed the establishment of seven secondary schools exclusively for female students.

What truly sets Idriss apart is his gentle and honourable nature. He championed the optional memorisation of the Holy Quran in public schools, emphasising understanding over rote memorisation. According to him, this approach aims to equip students with a deeper comprehension of their religion and life’s complexities.

Meanwhile, since his appointment, Yobe’s public school students have consistently excelled in WAEC and NECO examinations. The quality of education has demonstrably improved, attracting parents who now confidently enroll their children in public schools.

While challenges remain in Yobe’s education sector, there is no doubt that with exceptional leaders like Dr. Muhammad Idriss at the helm, the state is well on its way to becoming an icon for quality education. I encourage Idriss to persevere and continue his tireless efforts to further improve the state’s education sector.

Kasim Isa Muhammad,

Potiskum, Yobe state.