A look at Jigawa state and citizens empowerment programmes

In Jigawa state, various empowerment programmes are being initiated by the state government towards alleviating poverty in the land. BAYO ALABIRA reports that the programme touches almost every sector in the state.

Since the inauguration of the present Jigawa state government into office on May 29 2023, Governor Umar Namadi has set in motion different machineries with the aim of tackling poverty across the 27 local government areas of the state once and for all.

Governor Namadi also made a promise that before the end of his first tenure, he would make sure that millionaires are produced in the state through various empowerment programmes.

The National Bureau for Statistic (NBS) in its 2023 findings showed that the state is known as the 4th among the 10 most poorest states in Nigeria.

First and foremost, when Governor Namadi came into office, he took  different steps from the ones taken by his predecessors, in term of empowerment programmes, in order to find solutions to reduce the poverty level in the state.

Before he made a move in that regard, he studied the situation and understood the main problem disturbing all Jigawa citizens before he developed the means of addressing them one by one.

And when the governor realised that the problems bedeviling the state are rural based, he took a decisive measure to address them,  appointing the right persons into different positions with a view to carrying out the jobs.

He developed a policy of empowering people, especially the rural dwellers through the businesses they were used to. In it, it was discovered that over 4,000 farmers were assisted with subsidised fertilizers, insecticides and other farming implements.

The governors report

“The grants given to the successful candidates were a demonstration of my administration’s commitment to empowering people through their own businesses,” Namadi stressed.

In view of this, the governor launched various empowerment programmes that were being executed consecutively. At the moment, the programmes are numerous and the beneficiaries across the 27 local government areas are large in number.

However, on Tuesday, January 17, 2023 during the official launch and distribution of agricultural inputs and assets to Farmer Community Associations (FCAs), the governor admonished the beneficiaries to take advantage of government gesture by utilising the opportunities properly.

The event was held under the NG-CARES result area II-Fadama at the Jigawa Fadaman House, JARDA headquarters in Dutse.

“The initiative is a milestone in our ongoing efforts to strengthen post-covid19 recovery resilience in order to improve livelihoods and promote robust economic growth.

“The central objectives of result Area II is to mitigate the impact of Covid19 pandemics on the food security of poor and vulnerable households and facilitate the safe functioning of the food supply chain.

“Consequently, this implementation phase would reach a total of 1,950 beneficiaries across nine enterprises, including rice production, maize production, millet production, sorghum production and a day old chicks agricultural inputs DLI 2.1,” Namadi stressed.

“Additionally, 890 beneficiaries would benefit under Agricultural Assets DLI 2.3, including 1,060 beneficiaries provided with 200 grinding machines, 360 water pumps, 390 goats and 110 sheep as assets.

“The beneficiaries consist of 1,150 males (59%) and 800 females (41%). This initiative by NG-CARES aligns with our visionary plan of reducing poverty, increasing food security and improve the livelihood of our citizens, regardless of any political affiliations,” the governor said.

Various programmes

Also in January 2024, Youth and Civil Society Coalition For Development (YCSCD) in partnership with the Jigawa State Government and the Federal University Dutse (FUD) had trained 350 women entrepreneurs who, at the end of the day, were given N50,000.00 each to start a business.

Also on Tuesday January 30, 2024 Governor Namadi  presented working tools to 250 youths trained by the state government on water pump repair.

A caution

The governor cautioned them to be careful with the implements and working tools given to them. “Anybody that sells their equipment would be arrested and forced to return all the money used to train them for three months before being taken to court.

“I am directing the council chairmen of the 27 local government areas to buy new motorcycle to each worker in order to facilitate their movement during their works.

“I also urge you the beneficiaries to maintain good patronage by giving discounts to your customers during your work where neccesary,” the governor said.

In October 2023, there was a disbursement of another grants to 1,000 women across the 27 local governments in the state to enable them to be self-reliant.

The programme was organised by the state Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development in partnership with Jigawa State Youth Empowerment and Employment Agency (JSYEEA).

“This is an important day for us in Jigawa state as we embark on another journey of transformation and progress. Our administration recognises the incredible potential of our people and we are steadfast in our determination to unlock avenues of prosperity for you,” Namadi averred.

Furthermore, in October 2023 again, the state government empowered 1,500 youths and people with disabilities (PWDs). They were given  empowerment packages to avail themselves with businesses.

In another development, the state government has distributed grants to 1,500 youths to operate small scale businesses or trades.

“During the launch of the fuel subsidy removal palliatives, I said we have a plan for different empowerment packages/ programme that we would be implementing one after the other until we reduce poverty to the barest minimal level in our state.

“As we distribute this packages, I am taking the opportunity to launch a website for registering our youths and the kind of jobs they want to do. This includes business, trade, public service and any other legal means of livelihood.

“The data to be generated would help us to design more realistic and community-driven empowerment programme for achieving better results,” the governor declared.

Another empowerment programme was also launched on Wednesday October 20, 2023 where the governor disbursed N75 million worth empowerment program to 1,500 youths.

According to him, each of the 1,500 beneficiaries would get support of 50,000 as empowerment to support businesses across the 27 local government areas in the state.