Hardship: Prioritise national matters, not renovation of National Assembly — Group tells Ndume

The Northern Ethnic Youths Group Assembly (NEYGA) has urged Senator Ali Ndume, the Chief Whip of the Senate, to redirect his legislative expertise towards critical national issues rather than mundane matters like the renovation of the National Assembly chambers.

The group noted that renovation of the National Assembly is an internal affair and doesn’t have any relationship with what Nigerians are going through right now. Besides, it can be resolved without involving the entire nation.

According to the group, at a time when Nigerians are facing multiple taxations and levies, we expect the Senate leadership to engage in constructive dialogue and debate to alleviate the suffering of citizens.

NEYGA said instead, the red chambers are wasting valuable time deliberating about minor issues like malfunctioning microphones and seat allocation, which is becoming increasingly unbecoming.

The spokesperson of the group, Ibrahim Dan-Musa, stated that the senate is prioritizing its internal affairs and comfort over its primary responsibilities, leaving its core duties to Nigerians unattended.

We are advising the senate leadership to emulate the decorum and maturity displayed by their counterparts in the House of Representatives, as the Senate chamber is a revered institution for serious lawmaking, executive regulation, and government oversight.

The Northern group cautioned against plots to destabilize the 10th National Assembly, particularly the Senate, and urges lawmakers to prioritize national interests above political affiliations.

While acknowledging every member’s right to observation, the group emphasizes that this should be done in a respectful and dignified manner, without causing a disturbance or reducing the National Assembly to a playground for trivial pursuits.

“The group also called on Sen. Ndume to use his position as Chief Whip to ensure that the Senate focuses on important national issues and not get bogged down by internal affairs.

“They emphasized the need for the Senate to engage in constructive dialogue and debate to address the economic hardship facing Nigerians, rather than wasting time on trivial matters like renovation of the National Assembly chambers.

The Northern Ethnic Youths Group Assembly urged the Senate to prioritize the interests of the nation and work towards alleviating the suffering of the citizens.

“We emphasized the importance of decorum and maturity in conducting the business of lawmaking and regulating the executive.

“We also warned against any plots to destabilize the National Assembly and called for unity among the lawmakers to effectively serve the people of Nigeria,” he said.