Kannywood film industry and her new dimension

The explanation for the establishment of Kannywood industry was to exhibit the Hausa cultures and traditions, and this could only be done toward imitating people’s way of life and portraying it through drama.

Music, drama, and other artistic works have become very imperative in people’s daily actions and from all indications, no society can live without them as the world has gone digital. Additionally, the existence of every society today depends on art, that’s to say the significance of arts can’t be over emphasized.

In this regard, Kannywood film industry has now taken a different dimension; instead of exhibiting the cultural norms and values of the real Hausa people they are derogating and weakening our societal norms and values.

 A typical Hausa lady wears “hijab” to cover up her body but in Kannywood movies the actresses are half naked, which is contrary to our societal norms and values.

An instance is the purported picture of the famous Rahama Sadau that went viral on social media, wearing a backless shirt displaying her back; the picture generated lots of controversies while others even distanced themselves from the actress.

Not Sadau alone, but it has been a habit by the actresses posting irresponsible pictures in the name of fashion which’s insolent and taboo to our culture. You guys are role models and what you are displaying is what our wards are copying.

What you are portraying in movies today is no longer educating, informative or entertaining. The movies have no positive impact on our community rather negative. Every day is different story, the industry keep releasing movies of zero messages when our community is full of religious and good moralities. Therefore, that shouldn’t be done here if truly you are respecting our norms and values.

They do say “mistake” whenever it happens, but same issue keeps repeating itself, taking an instance with the purported recent leaked irresponsible video of some a actresses, one will come to realise that the industry is taking a new dimension. Now, look at the type of controversies Sadau’s picture generated. Yeah we all agree that she’s a circumstantial victim.

But how will they be posting irrelevant and irresponsible pictures on social media and expect zero comment?  You guys have enemies trying to bring you down. Therefore, at least if you guys are not mindful of your doings, be jealous of your religion and tribe. It’s an industry, which means you earn your living there. So, why can’t you protect the industry’s image? 

The unscrupulous acts keep tainting the image of Kannywood industry. In case you don’t know, people consider it as brothel and grooming point of prostitutes. The movies are not representing Hausa cultures, they are full of negative, nasty and offensive statements, almost all the industry’s movies are battling with our societal norms and values.

More annoying, as Hausa speaker, is that, the outfits of the stars are not addressing and representing the Hausa culture in any way. That means instead of exhibiting Hausa culture they distort it.

Kannywood film industry is becoming a destructive agent to Hausa community, some its movies are destroying our younger generation, at times end marriages and create dramas between husbands and wives, teaching teenagers how to cheat, betray and seduce their love partners, among other.

Kannywood industry should understand that a film without good message is like a mere folktale, and folktales never explain reality. I am calling on the industry to imbibe the culture of producing films related to our societal norms and values. There is also the need to set a committee to monitor the stars, and anyone found wanting should be expelled or punished to serve as deterrent to others.

Ukasha Rabiu,

Magama, Toro LGA, Bauchi state

[email protected].

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