Expert advocates increased funding for tourism in Nigeria

Expert in the tourism sector, Dr. Tobi Bernard Thomas, has advocated for an increased funding in the tourism sector of the economy, as a solution to boost the nation’s economy and eradicate poverty.

The expert said that increased funding of the sector will sustain and enhanced the quality of tourism services leading to improved visitor experiences, increased competitiveness, and overall growth in the tourism industry.

Dr. Thomas made this known in Kaduna at the weekend during a press conference titled: “The Benefit of Tourism to the Nigeria Economy”, where he further explained that, tourism increases a self-sustaining mechanism where the resources are recycled for the benefit of the economy.

Speaking on the reasons why demand for the tourism industry has increased, the expert however,  said that the demand factors arising from the tourists is because, it changes lifestyle, increases in disposable income, and it also Increased availability of leisure time.

Dr. Thomas also noted that Investing in tourism contributes to providing more job opportunities, enhancing competitiveness and allowed participation of investors in the nation’s economy.

In addition, he said, if governments at all levels can properly funds the sector, it will massively help the economy of the country to grow.

“It is also of important to note that nature and heritage tourism investments have the potential to generate high economic rates of return (ERR) through the development of marginal lands,” Dr. Thomas explained.

On why the government should promote tourism sector investment, the expert explained that developing countries like Nigeria can leverage tourism to support local companies and entrepreneurs in developing new products and exports.