Echoes of a weeping genital mutilated girl child in Nigeria

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Statistics have showed that, the scourge of genital mutilation is still endemic in Nigeria, despite the United Nations treaty against the violation of girls’ child right in the society. This uncivilised exercise is very much into play at various levels in the nation, being it urban or rural areas especially in the localized environment without restitution to the female folks.

Consequently, many are left to suffer the ripples effects of contacting various degrees of unreported ailments after circumcision. Some have accepted the fate of perpetual trauma, depression, low self esteem among their peers in the committee of friends.

African superstitious and unsubstantiated fallacies to female gender decapitation have done more harm beyond what the optical eye could imagine. I pronounced those who fell to these antics of unpopular empirical subjugation as “Heroines of African Genital Genocide,” because most victims never survived to tell the bitter story. The girl child was forced to consume the sour grape of genital excision without an option of negotiations with the God’s of African traditional heritage.

African culture has treated their female folks between the age brackets of zero to fifteen years old in a most unfair, bizarre wrapped with utter contempt and disrespect to them. The battle of librating an African girl child today is the battle for survival of their souls and freedom. No girl child should be subjected to such emotional and physical torture under this novel digital age. ‘’Say no to Genital Mutilation’’

This can be referred to as an unconditional and unconstitutional rape of female gender in Africa. There has been series of editorials and legislation in our modern day society to prevent and abolish genital mutilation, but the reverse has been the case without the desired successes.
These categories of female genders and their wards in Africa and Nigeria in particular have been consistently hypnotized to swallow the bitter pills of genital mutilation without realizing the grave consequences thereafter.
However, much has not been achieved because of their primitive and opaque analysis to justify their medieval philosophy behind the brutal assault against the girl child. What a horrific and abuse of cultural heritage with gross impunity sponsored against women? This is a gang up rape of justice against the girl’s child in Africa to create inferiority complex among them. It’s most unfortunate and should not be allowed to stand going forward in this twenty-first century.
From the cradle of ancient civilization, early traditional institutions would have been more celebrated like the noble philosophers but went otherwise judging from the escapade of female circumcision.
Their communal administration would have been immensely eulogized under great achievers when recapping the exploits recorded during the voyage of multicultural diversity that traverses across African continent. Oh! What miserable adventures without automation, computers, mechanics, optical cyber intelligence and robotics made easy as evidence today?
They achieved by their creative tendencies at copiously managing critical situations around them through natural intellectual brain power; thus in the absence of technology. These were hitherto meant to foster the human cohesive communal co-existence, rather than primordial slavery of the female child while taking away their feminine dignity.
One could imagine the weeping and agony of our dear girl child captured as prisoners of genital violence. These victims suffered severe untold pain, deprivation and even death in the course of uncivilized African traditional mental psychology. Yes! Our female folks answered and accepted the worst execution of judgments against them to violate their privacy and decapitate the most valuable part of their body. This is a barbaric, cruel and disrespectful way of mutilating a human being in such parochial circumstances without the corresponding medications to douse the painful experience.
It’s a pity and dehumanizing by using the crudest, inappropriate and un-sterilized surgical knives to carry out partial or complete excision of the clitoridal tip
without any analgesic or sedative medication for pain management.
What an irony and perversion of false judgments to dive into murky waters without an end in sight. The question waiting for empirical answers are much but not limited to:
a. Where was it proven, that genital mutilated females folks are not promiscuous like others not melted the same fate?
b. Where was it tested that, female genders who submitted themselves for decapitation reserves the privilege of enjoying sexual pleasure after marriage?
c. Where was it proven that, a circumcised woman stands the advantage of escaping the risk of death during child birth?
However, modern medicine has adjudged all these traditional assertions to be superstitious and baseless fallacies that could not be subjected to empirical inference therefore, void and of no effect to stand.
Let’s support the fight against genital mutilation and violence against the girl child in Nigeria and Africa in general.

Dr. Okoebor Sylvester E.,
Benin City ,
Edo state