ll hail Kailani Mohammed The Ikukundo 1 of The South-east

On Saturday, May 18, 2024, top political actors, well wishers and the general public converged on the Barcelona Hotel Abuja to witness the conferment of the title of “Ikukundo 1 of the South-east” on the director-general of the Confederation of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Support Groups. Strikingly, there was only one word on the lips of those present at the well attended ceremony and that is the kind word of appreciation to the people of the South-east and the organisers for rising above political, ethnic, and religious sentiments to  choose the right man, Professor Engineer Kailani Mohammad, for this revered title.

The organisers, indeed, got it right when they described the recipient, Professor Kailani Mohammed, as a radiant star worthy of the emulation of all because of his immense contributions to the political stability of Nigeria and its growth and development. This award is also a radical departure from the past when people of questionable character and ill gotten wealth were given titles to a pragmatic approach to the future where titles such as the one bestowed on Engineer Kailani Mohammed are reserved for men of impeccable character as recognition for their selfless service to humanity, and the peace and development of Nigeria in order to propel them to attain greater heights.

Without a doubt, Professor Kailani Mohammed is deserving of this award. This is because the director-general of the Confederation of all APC Support Groups is a man of many firsts. His philosophy as a leader and politician gives him an edge over many of those who were also considered for this title.

He is a dealer in hope and an egalitarian leader who, though the world is more familiar with pain than with compassion, chooses to be intensely compassionate and philanthropic. His sterling qualities include; honesty and loyalty through mutuality and deference, faith and compassion through inner strength and self control, and, above all, communality and mutual responsibility through love.

These qualities indeed galvanised him into the likeable personality and respect he has both from his peers and political admirers scattered across the country. So, it will be right to say that the people of the South-east must be commended for using the title of the Ikukundo 1, conferred on Professor Kailani Mohammed, to build bridge of unity across the country and give honour to whom it is due.

Those who know Kailani Mohammed acknowledge him as a man who has continued to play a pivotal role in maintaining the needed equilibrium and unity of the country. He has helped in no small way in raising awareness of the need for all to in their own little corner try to to be responsible citizens of the country. 

This is because as the leader of one of the most visible and result oriented support groups in the country’s history during the 2023 general elections, he did not use the platform to only campaign for the victory of his party’s candidates but also campaigned for harmonious co-existence of the people, which he always refered to as the culture of peace.

The Confederation of all APC Support Groups, which he helped to form and lead, is the largest single support groups of any political party in Africa. The organisation is made up about 130,000 registered support groups, which he aggregated in one accord, leading to the electoral victories of the APC generally and President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in particular.

The Confederation of All APC Support Groups scattered across the nooks and crannies of the country can be said to have succeeded in its mandate. This is attributable to the leadership qualities of its director general, Kailani Mohammed. As a leader, he succeeded in facilitating the peace process during the last elections, which was adjudged as one of the most peaceful elections yet in the history of the country. This was because he is a believer in inter-ethnic and inter-political party dialogue, having been culturally and naturally prepared for it as a lesson he learnt from his parents.

Kailani Mohammed has achieved a lot as a leader deserving of his present title of Ikukundo 1. He rose above frivolities and excesses that normally incur societal contempt for leaders. He has already achieved a high level of dignity for himself as a moderate, urbane, independent and decent in his speech, actions and dressing to earn him the respect of all.

Given all that have been affirmed as the leadership qualities of Kailani Mohammed both in the area of peace building and his capacity in nipping political conflicts in the bud during and after elections and considering his strategic position in the APC, all eyes now are on President Tinubu to tap from his leadership qualities by recruiting him into his government for the good of Nigeria and Nigerians. Congratulations, the Ikukundo 1 of the South-east.

Musa Wada,