Kaduna launches life support facilities to curb high neonatal mortality 

Governor Uba Sani of Kaduna state has commissioned newly built Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) oxygen plant and Neonatal Unit at Yusuf Dantsoho Memorial Hospital to curb the negative trend of highest neonatal mortality recorded in the country. 

Governor Sani, who was represented at the commissioning of the projects by the Deputy Governor, Dr. Hadiza Balarabe, said the projects are direct response of Sen. Uba Sani government to addressing the alarming statistics of neonatal mortality in Kaduna state. 

He noted that one of the most pressing challenges in Nigeria is the high maternal and child mortality rate, adding that an estimated 700 babies die every day in Nigeria, amounting to approximately 30 newborn deaths every hour.

“This is the highest number of newborn deaths in Africa and the second highest in the world. Alarmingly, 25% of all neonatal deaths occur on the first day of life, while 75% occur within the first week. Kaduna state has the highest neonatal mortality rate in the Northwest of Nigeria. The commissioning of Neonatal Unit is a direct response of our government to address these alarming statistics. 

“This unit will provide comprehensive care for prospective mothers, mothers and their foetuses, through delivery, the immediate postnatal period, and the neonatal period, facilitating a smooth transition for the neonate into post-neonatal and under-five care. The unit will cater to newborns aged 0-28 days and offer essential services to sustain the lives of our children and their mothers. 

“In addition to addressing neonatal care, the construction of the oxygen plant addresses critical health needs by ensuring a reliable supply of oxygen to the newborn unit and facilities across the state. The Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) oxygen plant uses advanced gas generation technology to produce much-needed oxygen, which will save many lives that might otherwise be lost due to oxygen shortages. 

“The neonatal unit is equipped with modern, up-to-date equipment designed to maximize the benefits of the PSA oxygen plant. The projects were made possible with the invaluable assistance of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), which provided technical expertise and financial support,” he said.

The Kaduna state Commissioner for Health, Hajia Umma K. Ahmed, in her address, said establishment of the dual PSA Medical Oxygen Plant of over 4,500 cubic meter capacity is a testament to the state’s commitment to closing the medical oxygen gap in its healthcare system. 

“The new Plant will ensure a reliable supply of this vital resource, thereby enhancing our capacity to save lives and improve patient outcomes across the state. With the commissioning of this plant, we are ensuring a steady and reliable supply of medical oxygen.

“We are also enhancing our capacity to respond to emergencies and critical care needs. we are proud to commission the Neonatal Unit, dedicated to the care of newborns, ensuring that they receive the best possible start in life. The Unit is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, staffed by highly trained healthcare professionals, ready to provide exceptional care to our youngest patients. It will provide specialized care for premature babies, those with low birth weight, and others requiring intensive monitoring and treatment,” she said.