CNG leaders hail Suleiman’s appointment as NEF’s spokesperson

Leaders of the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) have welcomed the appointment of Abdul-Azeez Suleiman as spokesperson of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF).

The CNG’s Board of Trustees chairman, Nastura Ashir Shariff, said that Suleiman’s dedication to the promotion and protection of the interests of the North and Nigeria as a whole, as well as his extensive experience in credible and ethical journalism, make him well-suited for this role.

“The NEF’s decision to appoint Suleiman is indicative of their confidence in his ability to work collaboratively with the directors of the Forum,” it said.

Comrade Jamilu Aliyu Charanchi, National Coordinator of the CNG, noted that Suleiman’s appointment is a testament to his extensive experience in credible, fearless, selfless, and ethical journalism.

He said that Suleiman’s ability to navigate complex issues and present them in a clear and concise manner will undoubtedly enhance the NEF’s communication efforts.

Dr Amadi, coordinator of the CNG’s Initiative for Community Action Against Drug Abuse (ICAADA), said that by selecting Suleiman, the NEF has demonstrated their commitment to appointing individuals who possess the necessary skills and expertise to effectively represent the forum.

Engineer Hamza Mukhtar, Coordinator of CNG’s Arewa Social Health & Development Initiative, commended the NEF for showing leadership by encouraging talent and identifying potentials.

He said it is a statement of the NEF’s commitment to nurturing and promoting capable individuals within and outside their ranks.

Professor Frank Sarkin Fada, Coordinator of CNG’s Intellectual Wing described the NEF’s decision as commendable saying it strengthens their voice and demonstrates their commitment to progress and talent development.

“The appointment emphasizes Suleiman’s tireless efforts in advocating for Northern region rights and welfare during his tenure at CNG.”

His dedication makes him an ideal candidate for spokesperson for NEF as he will undoubtedly continue championing North interests while effectively communicating their concerns to the wider public. With Suleiman as their spokesperson, NEF can look forward to a more impactful presence in the public sphere.

Emuseh Bokunga Gimba, national coordinator for Students Wing at CNG said that it is expected that Suleiman will utilize his skills and qualities to enhance activities at NEF while advocating for North interests.

Dr Ahmed Bala, the Ag Director of AAHI, praised Suleiman’s appointment as a testament to his extensive experience in public communication.

He said this endorsement highlights Suleiman’s qualifications and expertise in effectively conveying messages to the public.

“By appointing someone with such skills, the NEF is positioning itself to effectively engage with various stakeholders and contribute to the overall progress of the Northern region,” said Dr Bala.

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