CAN as election observers: The need for caution

A disturbing development is currently brewing into the polity that may constitute high security risks to .

The Christian Associations of Nigeria has said that they will form an election observer group to monitor2019 general elections.

This has raise serious questions on the motive such move owing to the fact that Nigeria In its reaction, The Muslim Right Council MURIC has issued a terse statement calling on the Federal government and all relevant bodies to call CAN to order” In a statement signed by its Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola MURIC Said ” “CAN is overreaching itself.

The of elections in this country has never been based on religious affiliation.

The last time we checked, no country in the whole wide world has been doing that.

The avalanche of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are more than enough as neutral observers.

We advise CAN to give unto Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar (Mathew 22:21).

“Come to think of it, how does CAN expect to guarantee its neutrality as an observer? Who doesn’t know what the reports of CAN’s observers will contain? It is very simple given the antiMuslim threats and post-Christian comments of pastors in the past two years.

Christian clergies have openly exhorted their followers not to vote for Muslims.

So what they will be reporting as observers is very easy to guess.

CAN has shown beyond any reasonable doubt that it has vested interest.

We therefore advise the (INEC) to ignore CAN’s request on the issue of observers”.

MURIC also accused CAN of lobbying Oyo state Governor to ensure that the next Governor of Oyo should be a Christian.

“Can CAN deny that its leaders met the Oyo State governor about three weeks ago to demand that the next governor of the state must be a Christian? Was that also not CAN’s battle cry for the heart of Lagos in 2015? Today, Lagos, Ondo and Ekiti are ruled by Christian governors while Ogun, Osun and Oyo have Muslims as governors.

That means Christians have three governors while Muslims also have three.

But CAN is not satisfied.

Its own idea of neighbourliness is to seize the whole South West.

Our people say that the eagle that perches on a tree top does not know that those on the ground are watching it.

“We know the rationale for CAN’s interest and we understand.

Patronage becomes specially juicy, pecuniary benefits become more secretive and political appointments get more lopsided when its cronies are made governors.

But should religion be the main criterion for choice of state governors? “We advise CAN to do away with its domineering complex.

Religious leaders should allow the electorate to choose candidates with the right leadership qualities like vision, high level intelligence, accessibility, credibility, integrity, probity and accountability.

Any candidate who possesses these qualities should be the favourite of the electorate.

It does not matter whether he is a Christian or a Muslim.

Only thus can such candidates perform when they get into office.

For the avoidance of doubt, MURIC is prepared to accept and support any Christian candidate who possesses the right qualities.

I am curious on the motive of CAN in .

Many video clips have been posted online on how Pastors are openly calling on their followers to vote for only Christian candidates.

Unfortunately for CAN, the two leading political parties are Muslims and their running mate obviously will be Christian.

Then I ask again: Will CAN now directs its gullible followers not to vote for either PDP or APC? What will happen if Jamatul Nasril Islam decides to form its own election observer? CAN should be called to order before it plunges this country into unnecessary religious crisis.



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