2050: Nigeria needs $4bn to go fully green, says DG Energy Commission

The Director-General of Energy Commission of Nigeria (ECN), Dr. Mustapha Abdullahi, Friday, disclosed that Nigeria would require $4 billion to go fully green by 2050.

Abdullahi, who stated this at a press briefing on Clean, Renewable Energy, and Energy Efficiency use in Nigeria held in Abuja, said the Commission had been in consultation with some firms to invest in Nigeria’s renewable energy sector.

 He said: “So what we’re doing in that regard is to create Plans and Policy that will attract investments in renewable energy generation. And it will interest you to note that we’ve analyzed to know the font that will move us. We are aware that for us to go green and fully green by 2050, it will require about $4 billion. 

“No country relies totally on its resources to build renewable energy plants; they make the environment conducive for investors to move in. As a commission, we are making policies that will attract investments in renewable energy generation”.

Abdullahi said the commission had been allocated 900 hectares of land by the Federal Capital Development Authority.

He said: “We call it the Abuja Technology Village; we intend to make it a Tech city where investors will come and build several solar plants and renewable energy plants.

The director-general said promoting energy efficiency practices and adopting sustainable energy sources were critical to the campaign against climate change.

He said the commission would intensify public awareness campaigns about the benefits of clean and renewable energy sources.

“Our job is to promote energy efficiency measures to reduce energy consumption, lower costs and minimize environmental impacts. We also encourage investments in renewable energy projects and technologies to diversify the energy mix and drive sustainable development,” Abdullahi said.

He said it was also part of the commission’s duty to engage with community and local government authorities to adopt practical solutions for clean energy and energy conservation.

“The Energy Commission of Nigeria is committed to driving positive change in the energy landscape of our nation and promoting sustainable energy practices for a cleaner and greener future. Nigeria, as a nation, rich in diverse energy resources, has a unique opportunity to lead the transition towards clean and renewable energy solutions,” the DG said.