Alliance applauds Wike’s policy strides, backs perm sec 

A civil society group in Abuja, FCT Governance Alliance (FCT-GA), has applauded the visionary leadership of the FCT minister, Nyesom Wike, describing his reforms as groundbreaking, especially within the FCT civil service structure.

The FCT-GA in a statement on Friday, said: “These reforms serve not only to motivate civil servants but also provide essential incentives for their professional growth, aligning seamlessly with the shared aspiration of cultivating a developed Abuja.”

The statement signed by the group’s national coordinator, Ishaku Pai, urged stakeholders to not only back the reforms of the minister, but to also exercise restraint, emphasizing the need to avoid unnecessary political tensions.

The group noted that the new administrative arrangement in the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCDA) “is in the finalization stages and will soon receive the necessary legal backing.”

Meanwhile, the Alliance has frowned at sponsored media attacks against the Acting Permanent Secretary of the FCTA, Mr. Samuel Atang, and urged a few individuals with issues to embrace dialogue and leverage on the importance of collective effort.

“We urge stakeholders to shift their focus from magnifying minor issues such as nomenclature to actively participating in broader initiatives crucial for the sustainable development of the FCT.

“We reiterate the pivotal role of collaboration for development. All must take cognisance that the progress of the FCT is a collective responsibility, so we assert that the FCT’s advancement depends on our unified efforts.

“Mr. Atang has carried himself with decorum and shown loyalty which is the hallmark of the Nigerian civil service, and he deserves to be given the much needed space to do his part while the rest of us do our part to ensure the success of Abuja and Nigeria. What Abuja needs at this time is not for superstars but for all to work selflessly to make this capital city one of the best in the world which it can be.

“The acting Permanent Secretary has given his best efforts over the years and deserves and deservedly grown to the current status he occupies. Any attempt to cast aspersion on his person in the manner that is being done by these faceless characters is to cast aspersion on the Nigerian state.

“Abuja belongs to all Nigerians and must be upheld as a model of national unity, rather than a pot of vested interests competing with other divisive elements.”