2023: It’s time for me to govern Nigeria- Emejuru

Chris Emejuru is a United State of America based Nigerian politician. He is a former member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) but now a chieftain of the Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (ANRP). In this interview with BODE OLAGOKE, he reveals his plan to become the President of Nigeria, his political experience in Ameria, what his party (ANRP) stands for and why his policy document can transform the country for better, among other issues.

Tell us how your growing up looked like?
Growing up in the United States of America was wonderful. I was born on December 1, 1982 to Ogubuike and Comfort Emejuru. I am the first born of five. Overall, my childhood was fairly normal. I had friends, played sports, went to school, and every evening my mother would prepare delicious meals of everything from pounded yam and Okra soup or pizza depending on the occasion. As I got older, I became more interested in business (I had written 5 business proposals between High School [Secondary School] and during my time at my University. Politics (I gained an internship with a Republican candidate in the district I was from where I went to the grassroots making sure people understood who he was and what he represented) and philanthropy (where I engaged in fund-raising activities for the less privileged. However, due to all the distraction, my grades suffered and I received poor marks in school. But it was my trip back to Nigeria in 1999 which changed my life. On returning back to the States, I was more attentive in school and graduated both at Secondary and University level.

What would you say drives you in taking decisions in life?

Two things drive me. Purpose and compassion. In order to survive in life, you must believe that you are here on this earth for a reason. Whatever your religion, whether you believe or do not believe. Advancing the cause of humanity, that is divine which only comes from the creator. My background is Christian and I believe a lot of good lessons come from the Bible. The Koran, which a lot of my muslim friends study also have good principles to apply in life. So, purpose is important, however without compassion for your fellow man or woman, you cannot live a  fulfilled life. I remember when I was a child, playing with friends, and someone mistakenly dropped money on the ground. It was a lot of money to a child and I saw it. Instead of keeping the money for myself, I ran towards the person and joyfully returned the money. I knew that it was a good thing to do. The same day my mother came, saw me, and for reasons beyond understanding, gave me the exact same amount of money I had returned to the person. From that day, I knew that wherever there is compassion, there is love.

You once had intentions to contest for a public office on the platform of the APC, at what point did you drop the ambition, and why did you leave APC for ANRP?

Coming back to Nigeria in 2015, I became increasingly engaged politically. It was the era of change within the All Progressive Congress and I became interested. I started reading articles from major newspapers, books on past Presidents (Olesegun Obasanjo-PDP), and participated in conversations all with the hope to see how this new administration had emerged. I eventually found my way to APC headquarters in Abuja and eventually expressed my desire to be a part of the movement. I was 33 years of age at the time, had traveled to Nigeria almost every year since 2004, yet lacked the understanding of how things were done. Among the bureacracy, I was also a youth and there was not till this day opportunities to succeed within the party. I had given up hope until I found the Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party (www.anrp.org.ng). It’s a party that promotes empowerment. Empowerment for the youth, empowerment for women. Promoting itself as the political party with causes to better peoples lives. We strive to improve the life of every Nigerian citizen through representation in health, education, finances, and all sectors of the economy. Renewal, renaissance and respect is our motto. Renewal because it is a new day and things will get better. Renaissance comes with fresh ideas and a better way of thinking and respect because we value our members. When you’re a member of the ANRP, we say “This is our Own.”

If you are given the opportunity to hold political office in Nigeria, what would you bring on board?
My vision for Nigeria and all her citizens is to have opportunities. Opportunity to grow. People are tired. People are suffering. They want consistent power (electricity). They want to spend money which is good for the economy. They want to be able to pay for their hospital bills and not worry. All these ideas I have written in policy format in a book titled: “A Pledge for the Establishment of a Sustainable Future” 2023 and Beyond. It’s a book I have written of where Nigeria is but more importantly where it can be with proper leadership and guidance. These are ideas I will fight for and continue to advocate for on behalf of all the Nigerian people.
Can you explain more what the book “The Pledge, 2023 and Beyond” is all about?
It’s a book I have written (not yet published) which addresses the many issues facing Nigeria. It addresses the power sector crisis and how to solve it. Improvements in the education sector. The importance of the health sector and why every citizen deserves the right to have an industry that benefits them. How the labour sector is important, not just for the individual but for the entire nation. The significance of monetization within the Oil & Gas sector while transitioning to the global demand for renewable energy. And also focusing on the environment with the continued threat of Climate Change. The book among other topics also focuses on the threat of insecurity (kidnapping, Boko Haram, Herdsman crisis and the rest) and what we must do to solve them.

Do you have plan to contest in future elections and what office will you be seeking to occupy?

I was a presidential aspirant in the 2019 general elections but it wasn’t  the right time. Having reflected on the past and where Nigeria is today, I strongly believe the time is now.
You have seen how politics is being practised both in Nigeria and the U.S.A where you grew up, what are your fears?
Politics within Nigeria and the United States of America are quite different yet very similar. Obviously different in terms of the environment. In the U.S.A, political leaders are held accountable by their constituents. In Nigeria, constituents are held accountable to their political leaders. What I have learned in the United States which is not always perceived in Nigeria is the idea of what a public servant is. A politician’s job is to serve the public. It is to advance your constituency. It is not about greed or power. It is what you can do for the people who elected you into office and how you can better their lives. However, there are similarities as well. The framework based on government are both ideal. There is separation of power (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary) providing checks and balances. Freedom of press, freedom of religion and an attitude of patriotism which strengthens a country’s resolve. They are two great countries and politics will play an important role in how they shape the global economy.

In Nigeria, contesting for political office is very expensive and demanding, one might be asking whether you are prepared financially and otherwise?

All coordination in political affairs within the Federal Republic of Nigeria will be in accordance with the electoral Act (as amended).
What programs do you have currently in Nigeria?
Thank you for asking. I have recently initiated the Chris Emejuru Foundation. Our focus is to alleviate poverty throughout the six geo-political zones (Northwest, North Central, North East, South West, South South, and South East) through education, training and human capacity development. Our focus is primarily on youth empowerment and women development, however, we plan to improve the lives of many people.
What do you think the current government is not doing right that you could offer some advice, especially in this new year?
The best advice I can give in this New Year is for the governments (All the three tiers) to accept constructive criticism. There are many people who give great advice and articulate ideas as to how to move Nigeria forward. Listen to advisors and consultants. But most importantly, listen to the people. Once the voice of the people are heard, the nation will progress.