Youth parliament wants presidency ceded to north central

The North Central Youth Parliament has demanded that the presidential ticket be consensually ceded to the North Central region by all political parties.

Speaking during the inaugural sitting which held in Ilorin, Kwara state, the newly elected Speaker, Honourable Jeremiah Friday Ohomah while addressing the issue of insecurity ravaging the North Central zone and youth inclusiveness in politics urged President Muhammed Buhari to, as a matter of urgency, give maximum priority to the degenerating security situations in the North Central region.

He said, “Today, the North-Central has outlived the era when silence is golden. The conceptualisation of our silence in the name of national unity and continuous synergistic benefits as one entity has no doubt resulted to a regional hegemony with the North-Central conspicuously left out of the political equations and calculations but shrouded with inexactitude identify; ceremoniously conscripted into the Northern region during electioneering process and ungraciously ascribed middle belt once elections are over.

“The supposition that the North Central has turned into a battlefield serving as the largest national reservoir harbouring innocent blood has no iota of falsehood. The irrepressible activities of the killer herdsmen vis-a-vis bandits and the deafening silence of the government laid credence to the surmise of an attempt to exterminate the North Central from the Nigeria map for the reasons yet to be ascertained.

“Needless to say, a willing government who believes in the sanctity of lives and the wellbeing of the people of the North Central would have no objections to the proposed ban on open grazing rather assist in the best ways possible as the ban is a right step in the right direction towards resolving farmers-herders glitches that has served as the bane of insecurity in the North Central region.

Meanwhile, as part of the maiden session, the young parliamentarian demanded that the presidential ticket be consensually ceded to the North Central region by all political parties.

They requested that the federal government constitute a North Central Development Commission (NCDC) that will oversee activities and empower the youth of the North Central region.

Also, they asked governors of the North Central region to do more in educating, empowerment the youth of the region and most importantly gives the youth a leveled playing ground in the governance of the region.