Who will lead tomorrow?

It’s awful seeing how agile youths are involving themselves in some irrational acts. These youths are always regarded as the backbone of any society. This automatically means that any society that fails to have rational thinking youths, if care is not taken, that society will cease to exist within a short time.

It’s a pity seeing our youths carrying placards going around the town, wasting their vital time that is supposed to be invested in some places but it’s here wasted in a so-called “protest” that had been done consistently yet did not yield any positive result. These in most cases don’t end well because most times they will be lured into a so-called peaceful protest which if care is not taken, it will turn out to be protesters versus angry security personnel clash, leaving some dead while others will be seriously injured. It’s so sad.

Sorrowfully, the enthusiastic youths are those perpetrating kidnapping, banditry, terrorism, and a host of other evil acts. Mind you, we are yet to address the issues of crime, cultism, and drug abuse ravaging our society day by day.

Again, those that manage to be the right-thinking members of the society are always targeted either by kidnappers or bandits that will hold them under their captivity for ransom before they are released or they are otherwise sent to the land of no return. Similarly, terrorists do target such people anytime they want to perpetrate their evil acts which entail manslaughter or massacre.

In addition, security personnel are not let out. Security agents can just decide to pull the trigger in his animation to kill youths for no reason and at long last, all you could hear is “we will thoroughly investigate” and that’s how the story will go down the drain.

It’s appealing looking at how our society is sinking and no one is taking the expected effort of saving our dear future leaders. Finally, I will like to urge everyone to partake in these because it’s everyone’s business. And if someone is thinking that it does not affect him, then be reminded that if not properly handled, then it will escalate and affect you and those you think you are protecting.

Mujahideen Adamu Ali

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