Where is Senator Lawal Gumau

It’s been a while since Bauchi South populace declared Senator Lawal Yahaya Gumau missing as a result of not reporting to the constituency since assumption of office in 2019.

It sounds so confusing to declare an incumbent senator missing but here in Bauchi South this is our current situation, Senator Gumau is nowhere to be found. For about three years now, he has not visited Bauchi South talk less of fulfilling his promises.

I want to bring to the public notice that Senator Gumau is missing. He completely ignored and abandoned the Bauchi South constituents. He neither comes nor delegates anybody. This situation has left thousands of Bauchi South populace in dilemma, that they didn’t make the right choice.

However, this attitude demonstrates Gumau’s inability to move the constituency to greater heights being one of the areas bedeviled by insecurity, poverty and unemployment in Nigeria.

Gumau’s style of leadership is so discouraging that Bauchi South populace are losing hope in him. Our major problem is that we haven’t seen projects yet in Bauchi South which is contrary to your campaign promises; today no single local government area, town or village is celebrating your victory apart from regretting.

Indeed, we are totally disappointed in Gumau particularly for not reporting to the constituency and check on or listen to people’s complaints.

Therefore, note that your representatives are misleading you of not reporting to you what exactly is happening in the constituency regarding your leadership style. Your attention is actually needed in Bauchi South now wherever you are because we are tired of seeing a bull without horns. It isn’t nice at all considering the plight of your people.

Finally, it’s better you do the needful before reaching your sport lines for the first tenure. We are waiting for you.

Ukasha Rabiu Magama,
Toro, Bauchi state