The lingering water scarcity in Jos 

Jos, the Plateau state capital, has for long been grappling with water scarcity. The deficiency of functional boreholes and wells further compounds the challenge, painting a grim picture of daily life for the city’s inhabitants.

The city, despite being blessed with natural water sources, finds itself in the grip of a water crisis. Government’s efforts to address this is issue are not yielding the desired result, owing to inadequate infrastructure and supply systems.

To effectively bring an end to the menace, the government must prioritise infrastructure development, including the construction of water treatment plants and distribution networks, to ensure equitable access to clean water across the city.

Implementing and enforcing water management policies and regulations can help curb wastage and ensure prudent usage of available resources.

Engaging with local communities to understand their needs and involve them in decision-making processes can foster a sense of ownership and accountability in water management initiatives.

On the other hand, well-to-do individuals and private companies operating in Jos should integrate water provision mechanism and sustainability practices into their corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Collaborating with government agencies and NGOs can amplify the impact of private sector efforts, leveraging resources and expertise to address water scarcity more effectively.

Empowering residents with knowledge about water conservation and hygiene practices can promote responsible usage and reduce strain on limited water resources.

Supporting grassroots initiatives aimed at water conservation, such as community-led well drilling projects or water purification programs, can foster resilience and self-sufficiency within our neighborhoods.

By implementing comprehensive solutions that span government, private, and the community, the city can break free from the cycle of scarcity and ensure a sustainable water future for generations to come.

Usman Muhammad Salihu,

Jos, Plateau state

[email protected]