Book on ‘Philosophy of war and peace under Islamic law’ debuts in Abuja 

It was excitements galore for families, friends, colleagues and well wishers as a renowned scholar, Dr. Nuraen Dindi launched a timely and thought-provoking book titled “Philosophy of War and Peace under Islamic Law” in Abuja.

The book delves into the often-misunderstood concept of war and peace in Islam, offering a comprehensive and insightful exploration of the subject.

At the book launch, Dr. Dindi emphasized the need for the book, stating that presently, the global community is faced with hostilities.

He said we need peace, and world peace is being disturbed and so, a book like this is very timely.

He explained the common misconceptions about Islam, stating that an average muslims are naturally peaceful and are embodiments of peace.

He said the singular purpose of war under Islamic law is to protect lives, individual self, soul, and to protect the Deen (the religion of Islam) itself.

Dr. Dindi further said the book aims to promote peace and understanding globally, and he hopes it will serve as a guide for achieving peace in Nigeria and beyond.

Also, the Father of the day, the Emir of Lafia and Chairman, Nassarawa Council of Chiefs, HRH, Hon. Justice Sidi Muhammed Bage, hailed the Dr. Dindi’s efforts, saying, “I know the man and I know the efforts he has been making and continues to make in the development of the law and development of Islamic law in particular.”

The Emir also stressed the importance of collective efforts in achieving peace, saying, “Peace in our country is achievable if we all come together and say it’s not simply a business of the government alone to address the challenges that are facing the country today, and we have to support the government.”

The book launch was a significant event, highlighting the need for peaceful coexistence and promoting a deeper understanding of Islamic philosophy as related to peace and war.