CODE trains COP members on projects tracking in Yobe

The Connected Development (CODE) has Wednesday trained community of practice members across Yobe on how to track constituency, state and federal government project/

The state lead and focal person for project trust in Yobe, Mu’azu Alhaji Modu, said the project is part of CODE effort to build trust between the government and the citizens.

He stated that project started in 2021 in Kaduna state where it yielded positive results around how citizens can be able to nominate a project and tract a project on their own while bringing in stakeholders.

Mu’azu maintained that the project is now scale up to six states across the six geopolitical zones of the country which Yobe happen to be the one of the states chosen in the North-east.

“The project is part of the Connected Development (CODE)to train the community of practice(COPs) which cut across civil society organizations,media, people living with disability,and youth group.

“The training is about how we can be able to stepdown training that and leaning we heard in Abuja as part of the projecttrust and step it down to the COPs members so that they can be able to take the ownership of the project in Yobe state to continue nominating and tracking projects for the betterment of the society,” he said.

One of the communities of practice members, Muhammad Bukar, said  the aim of the project is to institutionalized accountability in Yobe state.