‘The Fashion Knot’, a dream that refused to die -CEO

New Fashion brand, The Fashion Knot, founded by Francoise Merus, a Ghanaian Haitian-American woman currently residing in Atlanta, Georgias in the United States is beginning to warm its way into people’s hearts. Between June 18 and the present in which it was launched it has garnered over 10 thousand followers. In a little over one month.

Thanks to another creation of Francoise Merus, the BlackLove Page, a cultural website celebrating black excellence and black love. The Fashion Knot leveraged on the strength of the BlackLove Page for a successful takeoff.

“I have a target audience that I promote my dresses and clothing to which is through my social media platform with over 850k followers,” she revealed.

Of course, nothing can stop an idea which time has come. That amply describes the journey of The Fashion Knot but the journey was fraught with hiccups, doubts and fears. And Francoise shares her story.

“I’ve always been interested in fashion but I didn’t know how I could get into that industry and there wasn’t a blueprint that I could ever follow. So in the back of my mind I always knew that I would love to be in that industry but I didn’t know.  I filed to launch my paperwork in March of 2019 but I still didn’t pursue the dream.

“During the pandemic I did a lot of research and I dedicated myself to finding the information that was needed in order to launch one of my passions.  I found vendors and I communicated with them day in and day out until I finally felt ready to take the leap,” she recounts.

Continuing, she adds, “In March 2019 I had a dream that I should really go after the fashion industry. I knew that there was a lot of money to be made in this industry and I always had a good eye for fashion and new trends. I got cold feet! I was worried about all the wrong things and fear stopped me from doing anything else. 

“In 2020 I renewed my business paperwork and I prayed about it even more. Then finally I realized the only thing stopping me was me. 

“I started small by ordering samples and having my friends and family vote on the Irene that I should purchase in bulk. Once the selection was made then I had to get photography and the website graphics made.”

Francoise Merus founded The Fashion Knot in 2019 as The Fashion Knot LLC. She officially launched the brand on June 18, 2021.

She lived all her life in Haiti and the United States of America. She grew up in Haiti and schooled mostly in America.

Francoise is also the Social Media Manager for the Kodjoe Family Foundation where she contributes to their work in spreading awareness about spina bifida.

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