SON berates absence of regulators at seaports, destroys fake products

The Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON), on Wednesday bemoaned the absence of the regulatory agency at the nation’s seaports warning that importers have seized the opportunity to flood the markets with substandard goods.

The agency destroyed thousands of confiscated imported substandard goods such as Electric Cables, Engine OiL LPG, Gas Cylinders, Stuffed new Tyres, Substandard and unapproved Cigarettes and substandard low-grade Roofing Sheets.

Director General of SON, Farouk Salim told journalists that it is regrettable that the absence of SON at the ports has created a leeway for the importation of unwholesome materials into the country, affirming that such products could have been intercepted on arrival if officials of SON were stationed inside the ports.

Farouk said “I am unhappy that a few Nigerians sometimes in collusion with foreigners continue to endanger the lives and properties of our people in the quest to amass wealth, thus affecting our nation’s economy negatively.

“The products slated for destruction today include substandard Electric Cables, Engine OiL LPG, Cylinders, Stuffed new Tyre, Substandard and unapproved Cigarettes and substandard low-grade Roofing Sheets worth billions of Naira.

“Some manufacturing companies in Nigeria boast of the best quality Electric Cables and Engine Oil, but some unscrupulous people continue to import and distribute low grade, substandard and life-threatening versions of these products in our markets.